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  1. PumpkinEscobar

    Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About FedExField

    Thanks, Mark! Do these lots fill quickly? We were probably going to try to be at our seats a couple hours ahead of game time so we could experience the seats. Figured we would leave Rockville around 9-9:30 AM.
  2. PumpkinEscobar

    Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About FedExField

    Anyone have any suggestions on the best cash parking lot? Is the gray lot still accepting cash this season? Also, my wife bought me dream seat tickets as a wedding gift. We will be sitting in section 40. Is there a specific side of the stadium we should enter on? Or do we access these seats through the normal lower level concourse. Thanks guys! HTTR!
  3. PumpkinEscobar

    Random Thought Thread

    I dont know why this has come to my mind but I have been doing alot of thinking lately. How did people advance from being cavemen who could barely start a fire to doing stem cell research, creating the internet, flying to the moon. Amazing...how much the human race has learned over the years. Mind boggling...