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  1. acuratl1984

    The Positive Thread

    I wouldnt say mediocre... there are ups and downs and no one is perfect. I think its still too early to judge McC. But for the most part, he is a breath of fresh air compared to what we had before him Get this... our OLine is 4/5 Drafted (Sure Long and Morgan weren't drafted by McC) but when have we had that? (recently of course, not Hogs 1.0) Gotta include some UDFAs too Dunbar, Kelley, Harris, not UDFA but Jarrett if he didnt have a career ending injury.
  2. acuratl1984

    The Positive Thread

    I really hope so, its gonna be a hell of a game... Viewership should be damn good too.
  3. acuratl1984

    The Positive Thread

    I think Dustin is a good kicker, the Bengal game was bad, we should have won... That said, I think we are in a good situation, we need to continue to win and hold the 6th seed. 6th seed will have us going back to Dallas if you beat Lions. (Which is IMHO more winnable than Seattle) But road to NFC Champs goes through Dallas\Seattle will we have a chance? Yes, but probably wont happen. WE CAN BEAT DALLAS, If we made both FGs we win, if we made one defensive stop we win... LOTS OF IFs but, its not out of reach. But our team need the playoff experience, experience that isn't just one and done. A not Positive Note: Cut ****ner.... Don't call Running plays with only Ryan Grant as WR.
  4. Did any of you wonder, why they didn't just run all of them over? I mean jeez it's an open field!
  5. LOL! Mine is the Costco/Home Depot/Sport Authority right off West Ox and Lee Hwy. Cross Bows/Bats/BB Guns etc from Sport Authority - Food from Costco Weapons/Propane/Wood to reinforce stuff from Home Depot
  6. Lori is going to help them break IN to Fox River State Penitentiary
  7. Oh man this episode is freaking awesome already. At lease they showed why their was a herd of zombies.
  8. LOL Yea... the world is a mess. And they let the kid walk through the woods by himself, then again AT NIGHT!