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Cheapest gas in your area?


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Originally posted by dks1240

i paid a $1.90 in salisbury. im shocked your gas is cheaper, normally the eastern shore is significantly cheaper than the western shore!

Well unfortunately in Calvert County we are still paying over $2 per gallon, so I drove over the bridge and got it there.

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Originally posted by T.E.G.

$2.30 is the cheapest I have seen in Sacramento for the past 3 months or so...


I remember getting gas in Warrenton on my way home from WVU to Va Beach in Spring of '99 for $0.80 a gallon.

When I first moved to Oklahoma 5 years ago, gas was .78 a gallon. I remember taking pictures of the gas price signs and mailing them to my family in So. California. Man those were the days!

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