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A poll I need all to participate in........


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Thanks guys, its in progress now and shouldn't be much longer. Its big so I am trying to sort out how to divide it up and how much to get into each area. What I don't cover, we can discuss in forums.

Not a head coach yet, the district I am in has had no openings in the past 4 years and they do not look highly on hiring Professionals. They would like you to have a teaching degree so I am looking into that avenue if I don't go college soon.

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I would like to know the blocking schemes for the offensive formations, so that as I watch the game I can see more of what Gibbs is trying to accomplish.

Would like to see diagraming of blocking and blitzing schemes on successful plays after the game.

Along the same lines, seeing unsuccessful blocking and blitzing schemes could be interesting too.

Just an x & o and arrows type thing and link to the video of the play . Like " PLAYS OF THE GAME" with commentary.

" Here we see a zone blocking scheme. Notice how the linemen are spread out with 1 to 2 feet between them, instead of the normal shoulder to shoulder alignment. Next, off count snap so that the linemen wont shoot the gaps too quickly. Then, Portis slides to left, blocking back picks up blitzing corner Portis cut inside the block and touchtown redskins. This formation was used maybe 15 times during the game. Average per carry 8.2. I think we'll be seeing this a lot more often"

I like the discussions on why people think this will or won't work. Dislike discussions that are totally emotional and foul. (don't tink you can help this much, and also banning some discussions do not give people a chance to grow up).

I don't post much, but I am grateful for those who do.

Don't know if this is a practical request, but I am grateful for the great site you'all provide.

Thank you - chris

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for me its none of the above, all Im concerned about is who is healthy and who is on the roster. The strats either side of the ball use, how the coachs do their trade, and all the strats of the team I would rather be left in redskins park.

As much of a junky I am for the team, I would rather their papers be unread by the general public and that being me not in on the skins org and parcells who also is not in that org.

So mislead me, tell me whatever you will, all I care about is who is on the field and that they are kicking ass and taking names.

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Thank you Utah for your contribution to this site and to our overall football knowlege.

Having more things to watch during the games -such as the nuance of blocking scheme or defensive adjustments-will ultimately make it far more pleasureable.


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