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Why can't we go 14-2?

Fifty Gut

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Originally posted by WVSkins79

19-0? :laugh: This team is still not ready to win the division. And you cannot do anything about those games that could go either way. You will not win them all. Bad calls, bad luck, bad coaching, and mistakes will still happen. I think it is way past optimistic to look at this team and say that THIS will be the team that will join the 72 Dolphins as the only undefeated team in NFL history.

From now on, please use [sarcasm] [/sarcasm] tags on all satircal posts, for the benefit of WV (and others who had that fly right over their heads).

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Reasons to believe we will be an improved team next year:

Upgrades and Improved Health on the offensive line.

More Stretch plays.

Upgrade at WR... maybe not on paper but realistically, you cannot do worse than our passing game last year. We have faster guys now who will be able to leverage the "hands off" coverage rules.

That being said, we have not produced a winning record for several seasons, and we have been unable to win in our own division.

8 to 9 wins is realistic this year anything more is gravy.

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Originally posted by Gfunk703

:laugh: @ the usual lurker comments. Have you seen any huge purges of talent on our team? Do you not see the amount of space we'll have free next year? Where are the holes? Be specific when you attempt to call out this team.


In no way am I calling out the skins, just from my observation over the past years the skins always free up cap room and then they blow it all on an underachieving, on his way down the hill player. It happens everytime, they did it this year when they tried to solve there worrysome recieving core, and they did it last year when they brought in Brunell, when Ramsey isn't a horrible QB he just doesn't have the supporting cast he would need to rise. So there ya go buddy thats my input:cheers:

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Didn't Gibbs hire somebody to show Ramsey a different set, maybe the shotgun? Or the West Coast? If the Redskins employ different schemes from the type used in the past, their record may improve greatly. Gibbs is a good coach but he was away a long time.

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