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If this does not get you excited...


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who's that first quarterback who was throwing those passes? Bryce or something. That guy stinks. It took forever for the balls to land.

I hope I never hear his name in a game. Actually I hope I never hear Gibb's name as a DB either.

Pretty cool. Moss and Patten are burners.

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Originally posted by ibrahim

...Then tell me what does. Watch the clip that reads "Day 2 of OTAs: Gibbs Works With WRs"


Boy, there's a lot there that we can take away from that. As Larry Michaels pointed out, you can see how "hand-on" Gibbs is. He's not sitting on the sidelines with the owner kanoodling his backside. He's on the field running around with these guys & teaching them. Spurrier was a kanoodler.

Also, is it just me or is D.McCants the tallest WR we have? Not that that's a bad thing. I acually think the small WR corps will work here. Because it's Gibbs. Charlie Brown anyone? How about a whole WR corps of Charlie Browns? I can live with that!

Ramsey looked great! On the money for both deep routes & was in sync with the WRs moves. Now, granted, I know that drills are far from game-time situations, but I would have to say that it looks like all that off-season work on his timing & route reading has paid off. He looked good & it got me excited to see.

Thanx for posting this. I can't wait to see what he (Gibbs) has in store this time. :jump:


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