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(JOKE POST) Nunyo Demasio leaving the Post


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Newsflash: Effective May 17th hardcharging Washington Post sports writer Nunyo Demasio has accepted a position as a Newsweek reporter. "We have long admired Mr. Demasio's skill at 'gotcha' reporting in his coverage of Joe Gibbs and the Washington Redskins" said Newsweek Editor Mark Whitaker.

It is expected that Demasio will cover the Pentagon and military affairs in Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan and Iraq with a focus on the treatment of Moslem prisoners. Whitaker said that there will be some reporter openings shortly in those areas.

Sources at Newsweek indicated that Demasio's extensive experience at insuating inside knowledge by quoting unconfirmed, unnamed sources while exposing sensitive information of questionable accuracy, was a perfect match for the editorial policies practiced at Newsweek. Demasio's expose on the friction between Joe Gibbs and Laverneous Coles, which resulted in unresolvable animosity between the team and Coles, caught Newsweek's attention several months ago. "Although no one died in riots after Mr. Demasio's expose, which is the standard here a Newsweek, we believe that he shows promise as an investigative reporter and that his 'talents' are wasted as a sports reporter" said Whitaker.

Unnamed sources say that what finally convinced Newsweek to hire Demasio was his continued willingness to flush the Redskins organization down the toilet after being exposed time and time again for being inaccurate with facts. Their high impressions of him culminated with his expose last week of private medical information regarding the health of Joe Gibbs, written in spite of the continued bad blood between Demasio and the organization which he covered. "Mr. Demasio has made a living attacking the most beloved institution and arguably the most beloved man in Washington with no conscience. We are confident that he is ready now for the world stage that will be provided by covering the Pentagon" said one unnamed inside unconfirmed source.

link: numbnutssucks@wpsucks.com


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Originally posted by Om

This probably ought to be in Tailgate.

But, sometimes ... you just have to say WTF. :)

I pretty much say WTF several times a day. This little ditty was equally a slam at Nunyo and Newsweek, so it could go in either pub, er I mean forum.


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