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These guys visted every stadium

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Originally posted by Mark The Homer

What I hate about FedExField is exactly what most people complain about: It's too corporate. Too many billboards, too many signs, too much advertising. And the fact that paying customers are forced to watch TV commercials is unethical, and stinks of snyderism. There is no room to hang homemade signs anymore.

The obstructed view seats piss me off. Again, the whole thing from the start was done unethically and again, stinks of snyderism. They lied to me about the actual view from the seats, charged me full price without allowing me to see the view from the seats ahead of time, then, amidst complaints, refused refunds. Then the following year, dropped the fee for a pair of seats down there by $400, yet refunded only $100 from the previous year. Does that make sense? Basically, Snyder, the marketing and money-making genius, is telling me, "Hey, we overcharged you last year, but we got your money, so f*** you."

So hey, Just a thought, if you don't like the seats, Give em up, so the guys on the waiting list can get them. I am sure that they wouldn't mind Obstructed view.

Again, Just a thought.


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My take on it is this... Lower cost for the overall experience = more Skins fans in the seats.

People sell their tickets...and most of the time (much to our dismay) they don't care who buys them. Redskins fans are passionate, but face it, the majority of them can't afford to keep a seasons worth of tickets.

In my experience over the past few seasons, Redskins games cost me about $140/seat/game. Sorry, but with my salary and mortgage...a seasons worth of tickets is outta the question. I'm lucky if I can get to 2 games.

Yes, FedEx didn't screw us tax-wise...but until it's a little more affordable, the Skins might as well be playing 16 away games per year.

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I think my experience this year will be much better now my tickets have been upgraded........

Really, the experience is there---you just have to find it.

Ie. Tailgating (it's there ask the other ESers)

Ie. Food (know where the good stuff is and isn't in the stadium-- trial and error or ask an experienced fan)

Ie. Beer (again see tailgating and go for the premium beer in the stadium- it's usually only a buck more than the cheap crap)

Seats- most of the seats are decent in this stadium.

Jumbotron- hate to admit it, but Team Fellon does have a better Jumbotron(s) and they don't show commercials on it as frequently as the skins. Hopefully the Skins will improve on that.

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