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RCC Priest Denies Supporters of Gay Rights Communion


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Whomever doesnt think that religion is not a club or community is ignoring its very beginnings and purposes and the history of this planet..

Even Science Channel stated in the Caveman age it is noted as a membership to bring people together... and has been ever since..

You may disagree with their beliefs because you don't believe.

But you should at least agree with them enforcing "their" rules...

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Originally posted by chomerics

If I agreed with the ideology, I would, but I have my reasons for dispising the RCC. This thread is not about me it is about the hypocritical RCC.

I wonder if they refused to allow their priests to receive communion while they were raping an estimated 100,000 young men over the past 30 years???

Just wait until the HBO movie comes out on the Boston-Cardinal Law-pedophile problems. You can see how truly disgusting the RCC is, and the lengths they went to to allow these pedophiles prey on young men.

Now, this priest decides that homosexuality is bad, and they can't receive communion. :wtf:

Well, maybe they should have taken that stance when Father Shanley was raping children in Boston. Maybe then I wouldn't be so virle against the RCC.

With many people, the only way to really grasp an issue is to make it a black and white one.

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