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Good Article on Marvin Lewis and the Bucs


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I thought this was very interesting. This was on profootballtalk.com


Though it all seems like ancient history now, there was a time not long ago when current Redskins/former Ravens defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis supposedly was set to be the next head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Four months later, Lewis is getting paid more than some head coaches in order to relieve Steve Spurrier from the annoyances of dealing with defense in D.C. But Marvin still has hard feelings for the team that didn't make him an offer.

In fact, Lewis tells that Orlando Sentinel that, in his opinion, he got an interview as lip service for G.M. Rich McKay, who at the time was still hovering in the lame duck status that had enveloped him during the team's ultimately-failed romance with Bill Parcells.

"The meeting was only to appease Rich so they could say, 'Well, we met with him, Rich. Now we go on,' " Lewis said. "The decision -- no question -- had already been made. One of [the Glazers] finally said to me, 'You should be very proud of what you'd accomplished in Baltimore. Good luck to you.'"

Any other reasons for the flirtation with Lewis? "What they were actually trying to do," Lewis said, "is find out from me who the best coaches were in the NFL."

We didn't know that Lewis was the Miss Cleo of the NFL.

The search, of course, eventually settled on Jon Gruden, a man whom Lewis apparently wouldn't endorse for the gig.

"[The Glazers] don't understand the problems they'd had with their players -- and will have -- are the same problems the Raiders had," Lewis said. "And those guys no longer play for the Raiders. Jon hasn't dealt with those problems. They get suspended, they move on. The same things are going to happen. He's not done the things a head coach has to do. They wanted to hire an offensive coordinator, but they don't understand what a head coach does."

Having trouble following that one? You're not alone.

"I don't even know what he's talking about," Gruden told the Sentinel in response. "Hopefully, somebody does."

In our opinion, this is the most recent example of the character flaw that will hamper Lewis's efforts to get a head-coaching job.

When he interviews for a job and then doesn't get an offer, Lewis strains for a way to externalize the blame. Why can't the guy simply admit that the team opted to hire someone else?

It's not like Lewis has been passed over for a dozen jobs. After the 2002 season, when the Ravens' postseason success forced him to wait to be interviewed until many jobs were filled, Lewis got a serious interview only from the Bills. And when the Bills went in a different direction, Lewis said he didn't really want to go to Buffalo anyway.

Of course, it didn't help that Lewis's agent has tried to play the race card preemptively. This kind of saber-rattling turns people off, and in the end the decision isn't made based on the color of a guy's skin, but on the fact that the guy and those close to him are acting like jerks.

Until Lewis figures this out, he'll continue to be a well-paid assistant coach.

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I ain't proud, I'll admit it: what I was really thinking (proving beyond doubt I spend WAY too much time here) was that it won't take long for some uni-browed 'Boys fan to post this article along with a breathless diatribe about how this is final proof the Redskins will suck this year. I put the over/under at 12 hours.

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the truth is the Glazers have shown themselves to be an untrustworthy bunch down in Tampa as their machinations with Bill Parcells WHILE Tony Dungy was preparing for a playoff game attests. :)

let's not get too far off track here. the Bucs DID bring Lewis in with little interest in hiring him to be the Head Coach. Either that or Bill Parcells was being used as a chip to get the asking price down on whomever else they were negotiating with :laugh:

the Bucs treated Dungy like crap and then turn around and say Lewis has a bad attitude? That's a gem................

as far as the Bills go, the front office there has been in turmoil for some time. this year it looks as if they are finally putting the pieces back together.

but the truth is there is no indication yet that Gregg Williams is going to turn out to be a better head coach than Lewis would have been.

the Bills simply lack the talent to prove the case right now either way.

But, it does seem kind of strange that even an outspoken and critical man such as Buddy Ryan, who had a history of bad-mouthing other coaches and front office people, could get consecutive jobs in Philly and Arizona in the NFL while Lewis, who also produced a championship defense, hasn't been able to even get on the short list.

Looks like something else is amiss here.

I am white and don't like employing the race card, but in this case you have to say that, with all the recycled has-been coaches out there that stay around the game, it doesn't appear the most able or deserving name gets the open slot.

and thence we get the controversy. :gus:

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I live in Tampa and tend to agree with Lewis' assessment of the Bucs. The problems are still here. Sapp is still running his mouth saying he'll prove everyone wrong...blah blah blah...

The fact remains Grudens' pedigree is no more impressive then Dungys' was and is inferior to Lewis'.

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Originally posted by ummagumma

The fact remains Grudens' pedigree is no more impressive then Dungys' was and is inferior to Lewis'.

I have to disagree with this statement. Gruden has been a winning head coach, and has managed to win despite coaching in one of the most difficult organizations in pro football - the Raiders. As such, he's proven he can succeed in the very position that he's been hired for. Lewis can't claim that.

That being said, this story starts and ends with what the Glazers did, which was basically mismanage every aspect of their coaching situation between December and March, from undercutting Dungy's authority by flirting with Parcells, to leading Lewis on about genuinely being a candidate without intending to hire him, to then (out of self-created desperation) overpaying for Gruden in trade with a team that likely would not have resigned Gruden after the following season.

Team's that screw up coaching changes are nothing new. Teams that lie to head coaching candidates should be condemned, doubly so when they're lying to someone who's earned the respect of the league by his assistant coaching as Lewis has.

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To quote, well, Redman, "what he ^ said. Yea, after reading the article and pondering a bit, I admit, I'm guilty of; "Now wouldn't it be......er..... unfortunate, but nice if". Ok, so we have an over/under of 12hrs on the Boys fans. What's the over/under on a Bucs fan...... :rolleyes: ....... chiming in.

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This whole Bucs story is a red herring. The team was correct not to hire Lewis, because the last thing the Bucs need is another defensive-minded head coach. They had that with Dungy.

Despite the correct choice not to hire Lewis, the Bucs ownership are still buffoons, and they obviously mishandled the end of the Dungy era. Dungy didn't need to be fired, but I do understand the firing -- a case of management frustration in the search for the "next step" for the franchise. The main problem was the way they treated Dungy with disrespect, because he has probably been the best coach in the franchise's history and deserves such respect.

As for Lewis, sure they jerked him around a bit, but teams always fly a bunch of folks in for coaching interviews. If nothing else, they get to hear what the league's better minds think is wrong with the team. No big deal, and Lewis shouldn't take offense. Even if he does take offense, he should be smart enough to keep his mouth shut.

It's also not clear to me whether Lewis has the charisma to be an effective head coach. Maybe he does -- I'm not saying he doesn't. But it seems to me that charisma and leadership are particularly important qualities in a head coach as opposed to a coordinator. It's what makes Tuna and JJohnson great head coaches, while folks like Norv Turner, Bruce Coslet and Wade Phillips bomb when promoted. Given that Lewis's ex-Raven players aren't flocking to play with him, I wonder if Lewis has the elusive "X" factor of charisma and leadership that the great head coaches have. If not, this could explain why he hasn't gotten the top job yet.

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well, I don't think Chuck Knoll or Tom Landry exuded Gruden's boylike enthusiasm and eccentricities, but they still turned out to be pretty good head coaches, don't you think? :laugh:

look, the Raiders success has been built largely on importing veteran players into a set system and trying to push the boulder over the top of the mountain. that strategy has the pitfall that if it doesn't work, the team has to rebuild the whole machine.

I think the Raiders are close to that point now. What did Gruden leave? A 36 year old quarterback throwing to a 39 year old wide receiver and a 37 year old flanker, with a 32 year old tailback toting the rock.

Sounds like a short-term plan to me. :D

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Well, there could certaily be an argument for the importing of veterans into a set system as being league wide,though it would appear as though the Raiders have indulged a bit more than others. Well, there is this years draft. However, the short term plan could very easily have been a directive from up top. "Just win NOW baby". If that was the case, Gruden appeared to do his job well. Was it a fumble or wasn't it? :D

As for the Buc/Glazers and Lewis situation. Sure, teams often interview several candidates. It's also normal for them to have a leading candidate. In the case of the Bucs, post Tuna, it was Gruden. This was not a secret. They even pursued him while speaking with Lewis.

What was not normal, was that Lewis and Mckay were in the process of hiring a staff of assistants. 2 were already penciled in. (should be noted that the Bucs hired Muir,the offensive line coach,from the Jets and one other I believe, "before" a head coach was named). This at the same time as Mckay was hammering out the details of a contract for Lewis as headcoach. This after it was reported that the Bucs/Glazers had decided not to pursue Gruden because the Raiders price was to high. Hardly normal to then "pull the rug out" and agree to deal with the Raiders.

I believe I heard Marvin say in an interview shortly after he was hired as Skins D.C., that one of the things that bothered him about that ordeal, was that it affected not only him, but those who were to be his assistants as well.

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Buc fan here to shed some insight from the other side.

His interview in Carolina and Buffalo bombed also. The owners here were not all that impressed with him. And no, its not because of race. The Panther owners tried very hard to hire Dungy. Something tells me Lewis lacks interview and people skills. He may come across as an idiot.

As far as Gruden's response: "I don't even know what he's talking about. Hopefully, somebody does."

That says a lot right there. It doesn't matter if you spend a thousand dollars at Kinko's getting ready for an interview; if you can't communicate, you are doomed from the start. Maybe Gruden's comment echoed what the Glazers said to each other after listening to Marvin Lewis for four hours.

You might not like HOW the Glazers treat people or thier terrible PR. Neither do I, but in the end, its results that matter. Jon Gruden is our head coach because of the Glazers not settling for less. Former SB winning coach Bill Parcells would have been our head coach had it not been for the media leaks and McKay's resistance to the deal. You might not agree with it but it also was a high profile move aimed at winning.

If it were left up to McKay, we'd have had to sell the same old defensive minded coach Lewis to veterans, fans, etc. and threaten to kill the very momentum that scraped us from the bottom of the NFL barrel. I think from many, many perspectives, the Glazers are far well more informed than you think. They know what it takes to win.

Now whether you can stomach some of the Glazer's tactics is a personal choice but after enduring Culverhouse's tenure this somehow all seems just fine with me.

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one dollar....bottom line is success. lewis was the brains behind what some believe is one of the greatest defenses ever. no matter how you cut it - he has "earned his spurs". therre are many with lesser talents who have been promoted to HC. as for communication skills something had to get across for the defense to play as well as it did. the players had to absorb his thought process, understand what he wanted. haven't heard any complaints from skins defenders so far. it would appear, btw, that gruden will be no more successful than his predecessor at winning cold weather games!!!!!!

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Oh, no doubt Gruden is solid. IMHO. Dollar, seems to me you as well as the Glazers got their guy. At a fairly expensive price, both from a P.R. stance as well as draft picks. If the draft picks weren't that big of a deal Bucs wouldnt' have tried to get some of them back. They did. You dismiss Mckay kinda quick there. this would be the same guy that the Glazers earholed, then promptly gave a hand back up to in the form of a 6 year multi million dollar deal. Gruden apparently is a big fan of Mckay as well, since he did in fact state he would do whatever it takes in order to keep him there. Then there's this. "The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have flourished under the leadership of General Manager Rich McKay,” said Executive Vice President Bryan Glazer. “We are extremely excited about the unlimited possibilities that exist for the future of this franchise with Rich McKay as our general manager and Jon Gruden as our head coach.

The race card from a 2001 article dealing with the Bills.


This on Lewis failure to get the H.C. job in Buffalo.

"And his hiring filled the last NFL vacancy, leaving Baltimore defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis without a new job. Donahoe said Lewis and John Fox, his counterpart with the New York Giants, were unfairly victimized by the success of their teams, which prevented them from interviewing from any of the league's seven openings until after the Super Bowl.

Donahoe was the only team CEO who waited to interview Lewis or Fox. Donahoe, who also interviewed Cottrell, said the NFL needs to address its hiring system, which punishes assistants on the most successful teams. He added that he was impressed with each candidate, and told Lewis, Cottrell and Fox that he would gladly help them in landing future openings.

Donahoe also took teams to task for filling their positions before talking to Lewis.

"There were seven jobs available. We are the only team that waited to interview Marvin Lewis," Donahoe said. "So I think if there is heat to put on teams it should be on the other six teams that didn't even wait to interview him."

No idiot there. Same thing happened with Carolina. He was late in the interview process and even the Panthers organization was reported as saying that Fox from the Giants,(D.C. as well), was a virtual lock. He had already been interviewed several times for the job before Lewis. As for Tuna, c'mon you really don't believe that do you?

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I agree it had nothing to do with race, period. Bucs had just fired a defensive minded coach and were looking for someone to improve the offense, no matter how good a DC could he have turned around an offense, who knows but I would have to doubt that he could turn the O around as quick as "Chucky" could. If race was an issue why did a defensive minded black coach get hired very quickly in Indy? I thnk sometimes when someone can't understand why a black person doesn't get something it is a race thing. Sometimes it is but I don't believe it is here.

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Dungy was hired in Indy but didnt the offense remain in place?

Meaning he will have only the defense and special teams to deal with.

AS far as I'm concerned Marv Lewis was the head coach of the Ravens who was saddled with an inept offensive coordinator who took credit for the Ravens superbowl success.

Tampon would win the NFC south even if they kept dungy and should go 5-1 in the division easy.

But they will still get spanked if they have to go north for the playoffs

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I never said Lewis is stupid, I just said he MAY have come across that way. Even Dungy was passed over for HC jobs many times because he did not interview well. He admitted this himself.

Lewis will get his chance I'm sure, He has great talent on D with your players and should continue to field a good unit and be further noticed. There are alot of coaches that don't even get the chance for interviews, he should be grateful.

As far as the lame cold weather thing I hear some of you regurgetating, please stop, it makes you look like some uneducated fan that knows nothing of division opponants, schedules, history, and geographic location. You like lemmings following the media. I'll explain it if you like but I doubt your brainwashing will be reversed.

As far as the draft picks, it was well worth it because of free agency. No FA and you may have an argument. just look how the Raiders bumbled the Bucs two picks they got this year. And next year they will be picking near the bottom since the Bucs will at least make the playoffs again. They get next years firt rounder and then in 2004 they get our second round pick. Well worth it for Chucky IMO.

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