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Tickets to the Skins/Bucs game


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I heard a few people say that tickets to the Bucs game wont go on sale until July or August, but apparantly, on this site, you can buy them right now !?!?


I noticed for some of the seats, underneath, it says "Tickets will arrive 8/9/05." Maybe those are the tickets they were talking about ?

Otherwise, does the Tampa group want to jump on this now, and get seats together ?

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I thought there were more then three of us? Lets see how many replies we get to this thread by this time tomorrow. I'm ready if we want to get tickets now, and I don't think 24 hours will kill our chances of getting seats together.


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Originally posted by Pete

I thought there were more then three of us?

Definitely, there's about 20 of us that I counted from the last thread I did. Maybe they're just not around to reply yet. If they dont come around by tomorrow, we cant start PM-ing.

Besides the 4 of us above, I counted :

Duke & Friend - YES

Mad Mike - YES

Bizkiteer & his Designated Driver - YES

paintrain - YES

big#44 - YES

Rypien 91 & Wife - YES

Kevin B - YES

TLusby - YES

semiskin - YES

TMat184 - YES

laurent - Maybe

ummagumma - Maybe

jrockster77 - Maybe

Thats at least 20 of us, including guests and the "Maybes" !

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Those are some serious scalpin' prices! I don't know how that site has the tickets unless they are getting them from season ticket holders that are looking to sell their tickets. Of course, if you can get your hands on them now...then it MIGHT be worth giving up an arm or leg now. ;)

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