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Maybe this 7-11 customer should be our DT


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Sad thing is the store clerk could lose his job for it if it was a 7-11. I remember their company policy was to let the robber do whatever he wanted and to do nothing which could be construed as threatening to save lives.

I remember a story where they fired someone for going outside and taking down a license plate, saying that in the future, a robber might shoot a clerk to keep from being caught or identified..........

Don't know the truth of it but I 've heard it.

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I remember a "stupid criminal" story from when I lived in Fairfax:

Guy walks into a bar in Woodbridge, early afternoon, points a shotgun at the bartender, and demands money. Bartender opens register, hands him the bills.

Robber says the money isn't enough, and demands the rest of it.

Bartender points out that this is a bar, and they make their money at night.

Robber again demands more money, and fires a round into the ceiling to emphasise the point.

Several customers observe that the shotgun is a single-shot weapon.

When the police arrive, suspect has broken collar bone, three ribs, and a leg.

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