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New McNabb joins Chunk soup commercials


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Donovan McNabb, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, will get a new co-star in commercials for Campbell's Chunky Soup to go along with his mother: his father, Sam.

Camden-based Campbell planned to start filming its latest round of commercials Wednesday in Philadelphia.

The world's largest soup company says the commercials have played a major role in reviving Chunky, a brand that declined through most of the 1990s.

Campbell enlisted the NFL for its promotions in 1998. Since then, sales of the soup have grown from about $200 million per year to more than $500 million.

The company is proud that the commercials have percolated into other parts of American culture, even if it's in jest. Wilma McNabb has been spoofed twice on Saturday Night Live and a few writers have noted a Chunky-soup curse, wherein several NFL endorsers have been injured.

Robert Thompson, director of the Center for the Study of Popular Television at Syracuse University, said that the commercials are cute, but they have not achieved the popularity of others, such as Taco Bell's Chihuahua commercials and Budweiser's "Whassup?" campaign.

Still, Thompson said, the Chunky campaign works. "It joins together the masculine, macho world of the National Football League with the warm, fuzzy image of Mom," he said.

In the commercials in development, Sam McNabb, a retired electrical engineer, won't get in the way of that, said Larry McWilliams, president of Campbell's U.S. soup and sauce division. The football dad will help make sure his son gets his soup, but he won't be the one warming it up.

This will be Donovan McNabb's fifth year starring in Chunky commercials and the fourth year they feature his mother, a registered nurse who complained that she could play herself better than the actress who portrayed her in the 2001 campaign.

Besides the three McNabbs, this year's edition of the campaign is to feature Eagles center Jon Runyan and running back Brian Westbrook.


and i thought these commercials couldn't get worse.. maybe this time they're going to have Mcnabb's mom whup his A$$ for vomiting his chuny soup on his uniform she just starched for him.

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Originally posted by tizzod

Yeah, they changed the name to "Blowing Chunky Soup!" The commercials are gonna be great.

Sorry, couldn't resist......



I guess the cans will look similar to that Madden 06 box that was floating around here, lol.

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Originally posted by REEGSKINS

i actually met McNabb this weekend he was really nice.

REEGSKINS: "Hey! It's Donavan McNabb. It's a pleasure meeting you, even though I'm a Skins fan. :eaglesuck "

D.McNabb: "Skins fan? Who are the Skins? Momma! Who are the Skins?"

D.McNabb's mom: "Shut up & eat your chunky soup!"


:eaglesuck :eaglesuck :eaglesuck

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His dad shows up in the commercial at 1/2time and smacks Mcnabb in the head and says.....quit eating that soup. No wonder you're throwing up in the 4th quarter.

Then finishes with the new tag line:

"Campbell's Chunky Soup.....the soup that pukes like a meal".

:puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke:

Good for Mcnabb (and his family), he seems to be the only Eagle that has class and that I respect.

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Yeah, he is a nice guy. I played a lot of hoops with him in my Syracuse days. It's almost hard to root against him, until I remember how much I hate most Eagles fans. Fitting then that Eagles fans booed McNabb when he was drafted.

I am sure there are plenty of good Eagles fans out there, Westbrook36.

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They can thank McNabb for the increase in sales all they want. I've always loved Chunky Soup but it's over-priced. The fact that it's on sale a lot more now than it used to be is the reason it's selling better and I'm buying it a lot more. It has nothing to do with McNabb. That Gumbo kicks! :hungry: :thumbsup:

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Originally posted by RedskinzOwnU

McNabb needs an entire supporting cast on the commercial set now. In case he starts to heave again his dad can go grab a bucket while his mom continues to serve chunky beef to the rest of the team. It's just more efficient that way.


Its all about teamwork. :D

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