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Who would win a fight. 40 Midgets or 1 Lion?


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this reminds me of that show on fox, 'man vs. beast', who can pull a truck faster, 44 'little people' or an elephant. Funny thing is, I like how they were being PC with 'little people', yet the show overall was pretty bad, especially how they had a Kodiak Bear v. a Japanese dude in a hot dog eating contest, and had an American flag behind the bear and a Japanese flag behind the dude.

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Turn the midgets and the lion loose in a large area of wilderness, say in Africa, and my money is on the midgets. (Even more so if you're talking about 40 cave men.)

(My personal theory is that there's a reason lions leave people alone. It's because the lions that picked fights with people died.)

However, as I understand the theory of "how did man get to be the top of the food chain with such a wimpy set of natural weapons", the way primitives are thought to have hunted prey (including lions) is by first getting them to start running (this step, like many in this process, can be tricky), and then chasing the prey untill it's exhausted.

(Having clubs and spears can really help these odds, too.)

Tossing the midgets into a small enclosed space eliminated that advantage.


And I'm certain that Rock could've done it.


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