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SFC:NFL says Nolan cannot 'suit' up


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Originally posted by stupidsuck

oddly, No Fun League now means no suits, YOU MUST WEAR FAIRLY COMFORTABLE ATHLETIC GEAR!


As noted before this has nothing to do with marketing the team, but rather marketing Reebok products. A 49er lapel pin wouldn't cut it.

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Well, if Belichick requested to wear suits and failed, it explains why he now looks like your accountant the day after tax season ends - unshaven, slightly messy hair, lack of sleep, slept-in-his-clothes appearance - it's spite, damnit. ;)

I'm surprised that Nike or Reebok or Champion or some other enterprising sports apparel company hasn't stepped forward yet and said hey we can do that for ya...Nike now makes golf balls and clubs for Tiger in addition to those snappy burgndy shirts tiger wears - this is the next step.... :laugh:

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