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Traffic Avoidance: Build Your Own Personal Helicopter


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I notice this guy is recovering from a broken neck. Do you suppose he crashed his prototype?

San Jose Man Creates Backyard Helicopter

SAN JOSE, Calif. (Wireless Flash) – Freeway traffic jams may soon be a thing of the past thanks to an inventor in San Jose, California.

Romeo Linn is currently building a prototype for something called the “Multi-Fault Tolerant, Ultra Energy Saving, Ultra Fast, Triple Rotors Vertical Take-Off And Landing Heli-Linn” – or “Heli-Linn” for short.

It’s a three rotor mini helicopter that can fly up to 116 mph and is 16-feet-long – small enough to land in the average backyard.

It’s also fuel-efficient and runs on natural gas, using less than 30 percent of the energy conventional helicopters need during take-off.

Linn figures the average pilot only needs 20 hours of flight training to fly the “Heli-Linn” and predicts it won’t cost “more than a Ford Taurus.”

Although Linn is currently recovering from a broken neck, he believes he will have a prototype completed by June 8, when he will display it at the INPEX invention trade show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

If all goes well, the Heli-Linn should be available to consumers by 2007.

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