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Need to get neighbor to cut grass!!!!


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Baking soda on the crab grass?! Any particular way to apply or do you just sprinkle it on? Any type of grass the baking soda would harm? Thanks......

Oh, one way to get your neighbor to mow their grass is to play catch with someone and have the ball accidentally go into the yard. Then, this is the tricky part, loose the ball in the grass. :) Keep walking around in his yard until he/she comes out and asks what you are doing.

Things to do to get your neighbor to mow their lawn:

Put yellow tape around the yard. Tell him the FBI has declared it a possible crime scene and the Jimmy Hoffa task force is on the way.

Put plastic cheetahs and antelope in the yard. Then wait for the Discovery Channel camera crew to show up.

Tell him the people from the "Survivor" show called and they were interested in using his yard for next seasons show.

Cover his name on the mailbox with "Serengeti"

Send him a pamphlet called "The Lawn, The Mower and You!"

The next time you go over to his house wear a pith helmet and carry a machete.


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