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Are ugly children less loved?


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:doh: :rolleyes:

Report: Parents more attentive to attractive kidsMSNBC

Updated: 12:33 p.m. ET May 3, 2005Most parents would deny it, but Canadian researchers have found that physical attractiveness affects how children are treated, according to a report Tuesday in The New York Times.

Researchers at the University of Alberta in Edmonton watched how parents interacted with their children while shopping in supermarkets and found that so-called ugly ones were more neglected and allowed to engage in potentially dangerous behavior.

The team lead by Dr. W. Andrew Harrell, executive director of the Population Research Laboratory, followed more than 400 parents and their 2-to-5-year-old children around 14 Canadian grocery stores, noting whether the adults strapped their youngsters into the grocery cart seat, the newspaper reports.

Researchers also observed how often the child wandered more than 10 feet away and whether the kids were allowed to engage in risky behaviors such as standing up in the shopping cart.

The children's attractiveness was rated on a 10-point scale by the research team.

Best genetic material?

The differences were striking. The researchers found that 1.2 percent of the homely children were buckled into the shopping cart, compared with 13.3 percent of the prettiest ones. When a man was in charge of shopping, none of the unattractive children were strapped into the carts, while 12.5 percent of the cute children were.

Less attractive children were also allowed to wander further away and were out of sight of their parents more often.

Age played a factor as well. Younger children were more likely to be secured and older adults were more lax about letting kids wander out of sight.

The researchers speculated that Darwinian behavior was responsible for the parents' actions. Pretty children represent the best genetic material and, therefore, get more attention, the researchers hypothesized.

Other experts disagreed, saying that there's no evolutionary reason for parents to favor pretty children over less attractive ones, the newspaper reported.

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That's beyond dumb.

How do these researchers decide which kids are cute and which are ugly? A ten point scale by a research team? Good gravy. That's not something you can quantify. Any study based on that is extremely flawed at best.

And anyone who actually HAS kids know that parents think THEIR kid is the cutest kid in the world, no matter what.

I could just as easily contend that the way a parent treats, grooms and dresses his (or her) child has something to do with the way the kid looks and carries himself (or herself) in public, and not the other way around.

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This story seemed to fit the subject of this thread. :)

The Beastly Baby

by Edward Gorey


Once upon a time there was a baby.


It was worse than other babies. For one thing, it was larger


Its body was not merely obese, but downright bloated.


One of its feet had too many toes, and the other one not enough.


Its hands were both left ones.


Its nose was beaky, and appeared to be considerably older than the rest of it.


Its tiny eyes were surrounded by large black rings due to fatigue, for its guilty conscience hardly ever allowed it to sleep.


It was usually damp and sticky for it wept a great deal. It was consumed by self-pity, which in this case was perfectly justified.


It was capable of making only two sorts of noises, both of them nasty.


The first was a choked gurgling reminiscent of faulty drains. It made this noise when it had succeeded in doing something particularly atrocious.


The second was a thin shriek suggestive of fingernails on blackboards. It made this noise when it has been prevented from doing something particularly atrocious.


Fortunately, it was unable to walk.


It has never been given a name since no one cared to talk about it. When it was absolutely necessary to do so, it was referred to as the Beastly Baby.


Dangerous objects were left about in the hope that it would do itself an injury, preferably fatal.


But it never did, and instead, hacked up the carpets with knives.


Or burnt enormous holes in the upholstery with acid.


Or shot bric-a-brac off the tables.


A day in the broiling sun had no other effect than to turn it a horrid purple.


When it was taken bathing, it always floated back to shore, festooned with slimy green weed.


In public places some officious person was certain to point out that it was in danger of being left behind.


Inevitably, a policeman was looking on whenever it was just about to be momentarily set down on a doorstep.


In the meantime, it grew larger and older every day, and what this would eventually lead to, no-one liked to think.


Then one day it was taken on a picnic.


It was set on an exposed ledge some distance from where the food was.


A few minutes later, a passing eagle noticed it there.


The eagle, having never before been presented with this classic opportunity, carried it off.


The eagle found keeping hold of it more difficult than he had expected.


He attempted to get a further grip on it with his beak.


There was a wet sort of explosion, audible for several miles.


And that, thank heavens! was the end of the Beastly Baby.


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Originally posted by SkinsHokieFan

Wow that is the most riddiculous story I have ever read

Then you should read some of his other stories. For example:

The Object-Lesson

by Edward Gorey

It was already Thursday, but his lordship's artificial limb could not be found; therefore, having directed the servants to fill the baths, he seized the tongs and set out at once for the edge of the lake, where the Throbblefoot Spectre still loitered in a distraught manner. He presented it with a length of string and passed on to the statue of Corrupted Endeavour to await the arrival of autumn.

Meanwhile on the tower, Madame O_____ in conversation with an erstwhile cousin saw that his moustache was not his own, on which she flung herself over the parapet and surreptitiously vanished. He descended, destroying the letter unread, and stepped backwards into the water for a better view.

"Heavens how dashing!" cried the people in the dinghy, and Echo answered: "Count the spoons!"

On the shore a bat, or possibly an umbrella, disengaged itself from the shrubbery, causing those nearby to recollect the miseries of childhood.

It now became apparent (despite the lack of library paste) that something had happened to the vicar; guns began to go off in the distance. At twilight, however, no message had come from the asylum, so the others retired to the kiosk, only to discover the cakes iced a peculiar shade of green and the tea urn empty save for a card on which was written the single word: Farewell.

Note: apologies for the lack of illustrations.

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Originally posted by Beaudry

Don't worry, SkinsNut73. I won't treat you any differently no matter how ugly you are. Very brave of you to put yourself "out there" like that.

Beasty Baby.... what the hell is that all about?

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

It's true Beaudry...my parents never strapped me into the grocery cart when I was a kid...and when I was old enough they let me wander around the store with no clue as to where I was :(

I'm just one fugly bastird:D

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