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Steve Spurrier is God. At least that's what a group of Redskins fans believe. The dedicated 'Skins fans that dubbed themselves "Steveus's disciples" at the beginning of the 2002 season are now reaping the benefits of their unconditional love for the Redskins.

"We are thrilled that our dedication has payed off," says John Smith, the founding member of the group. "We're sure that we'll continue growing until FedEx Field is the loudest stadium on Earth."

Steve Spurrier went a long way towards doing that with his 16-0 record and his Super Bowl victory in his debut NFL season.

"Well, gosh. I'm kinda surprised that they're calling me God. Well, I sure as heck ain't, I can tell y'all that. I'm just a ball coach," said the humbled Spurrier.

Spurrier is already being compared to the greatest coaches in NFL history, coming immediately after his premiere in the NFL coaching ranks. Great things are still to come, believes the Redskins owner, Daniel Snyder.

"This is clearly one of the greatest moves in the history of sports, at least in my opinion," said the smug businessman. "Nobody believed Steve could do it. Well, he showed them."

The 2002 season started off with a bang for Spurrier, when his team crushed the Arizona Cardinals 63-0. He never looked back, embarrasing every team on the Redskins schedule by at least 48 points. The incredible debut climaxed with a 70-0 smackdown of the AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers.

"This is the most incredible thing we have ever seen happen in the NFL...We can only hope that he can do it again," said NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue.

That remains to be seen, but this year, the Ball Coach has quited the critics with the greatest single season job by a coach in the history of sports.

Not to be forgotten is Marvin Lewis, the Redskins defensive coordinator. His defense, featurning 10 pro-bowlers, finished first statistically in every defensive category. Virtually Every game ended with the opponent having a 0 next to their name on the scoreboard.

"Steve deserves a lot of the credit, I mean, it's his team," said Lewis. "But I'm proud of my guys on defense."

Lewis will most likely venture off to greener pastures, in search of a head coaching job.

No matter what happens in the future, this season will not be forgotten, probably ever. The Redskins are once again on top, and it looks like they'll stay there for a while.

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