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A Jason Campbell Poll - No Opinion Required


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I have no idea who Jason Campbell is. I have never seen him play football and I don't know if he is Mickey or Moses. I also am not interested in exposing people with opinions, this poll is completely anonymous, so please respond honestly:

How many times have you seen Jason Campbell play?

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Ive watched him several times. he looks very solid and very poised in the pocket. But he did have a great supporting cast. He had a 6.9 345 pound tackle that basically blocked out one side. And he had two pounding running backs that opened the passing game a ton. And really helped fake people out with the playfake. People were so worried about the stopping the run they almost always bit on the play fake.

But there were good games were campbell took it on his shoulders. I am a VA-tech fan, and in that bowl game campbell really took it on his shoulders at the end there and made some big plays to keep drives going and keep our offense of the feild. He also had a big game that i watched vs LSU. When you watch him, you can see something special about him. But how much of that came from being on a good offense and how much of it was him. I dont know.

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i don't qualify for any of the options.

I'll say this. As a college student, I watch whatever games were on and last year (2003 season) had a few Auburn games. I watched Campbell and thought "Man, this guy sucks."

But when I watched Auburn games this year (2004), he looked A LOT better, a real quality QB.

I had heard of Campbell before the draft, I hadn't heard of Rogers though until March, and he's the guy I wanted at 9.

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IT seems that a lot of people who do not like the Campbell pick don't watch a lot of college football.

Those who do, know that the Redskins have themselves a player!

Everyone keeps pointing out that the opposing team had to worry about the run.. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOO! Who is our rb? That's right... they have to worry about the run too =)

Perfect fit.

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This is all I need to know right here. The guy puts up points, something none of our current QB's have done. He didn't lose a single game in 2004, and is a proven winner.


2004 Football Schedule

Date Opponent/Event Location Time


Sept. 11 at Mississippi State (JP) Starkville, MS W, 43-14

Sept. 18 LSU (CBS) AUBURN W, 10-9


Oct. 2 at Tennessee (ESPN) Knoxville, TN W, 34-10


Oct. 16 ARKANSAS (CBS) AUBURN W, 38-20

Oct. 23 KENTUCKY AUBURN W, 42-10

Oct. 30 at Ole Miss (ESPN) Oxford, MS W, 35-14

Nov. 13 GEORGIA (CBS) AUBURN W, 24-6

Nov. 20 at Alabama Tuscaloosa W, 21-13

Dec. 4 Tennessee in the SEC Championship (CBS) Atlanta, GA W, 38-28

Jan. 3 Va Tech in the Sugar Bowl (ABC) New Orleans, LA W, 16-13

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Originally posted by Snyder Dan

is he fast enough to be like McNabb or Culpepper?

Perhaps. A 4.69 40. Not lightning, like Vick, but still pretty mobile for a QB. I mean McNabb and Culpepper aren't fast at all, just mobile.

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I've seen him play last year and this year at most games, and he has improved tremendously and really did damage in 2004.

During LSU, he led a fourth quarter drive, converting two fourth downs, and eventually completing the game winning pass.

He also put up 34 points in Knoxville, 43 in Starkville (Miss State), 21 in Tuscaloosa (Alabama), 35 in Oxford (Ole Miss) 24 against Georgia, 38 against Arkansas, and 38 in the SEC Championship game against Tennessee (and see what they did in the cotton bowl).

Campbell has composure and poise, something Ramsey seems to be lacking.

Campbell is the real deal and the future of the 'skins.

Case closed.

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