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Quarterback Insurance Policy: From Ramsey to Jason Campbell


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I felt compelled to start a thread in regard to Gibbs' possible strategic mindset in regard to drafting Jason Campbell.

There's enough threads out there with why or why not Gibbs' should have done what he's done. But I wanted to particularly concentrate on the mindset of today's NFL as opposed to the 80s and early 90s of yesteryear; and getting or manipulating the best out of this free agency system we have now.

I'll start with the fact that I was intrigued by the Washington Times' on-line article "QB choice pivotal for Gibbs" written by Dan Dalyon on Monday, April 25th, 2005. In part of his article he said:

It wouldn't surprise me, though, if the selection of Campbell had as much to do with Fred Smoot and Antonio Pierce as with Patrick.

How's that, you ask? Well, this has been an eye-opening offseason for Coach Joe, one that has seen two core Redskins -- both entering their primes -- leave as free agents (one of them to play for, gasp, the Giants). The message is painfully clear: It isn't the '80s, anymore, Joe. Players aren't going to re-sign with the club out of loyalty ... or because they have no choice. If you're not the highest bidder, you stand a good chance of losing somebody. Heck, you can even lose somebody who's in the middle of a long-term deal, such as Laveranues Coles, if he isn't happy with the direction of the club. He can just whine himself out of town.

Ramsey has two years left on his contract. After that, he can walk -- that is, unless the Redskins opt to franchise him, a pretty expensive proposition. (Also, something tells me Gibbs isn't exactly Patrick's all-time favorite coach, not after bringing in Mark Brunell and now Campbell.) So one way to look at Jason is as an insurance policy, in case Ramsey goes the same route Smoot and Pierce did. Two years from now, the kid should be ready to play -- if he really is as good as Coach Joe thinks.

WOW! That really blew my mind. Specifically, the part about Ramsey not re-signing with the 'Skins assuming he has an outstanding 2005 and 2006 season and takes us to the playoffs. I never considered the fact that he might leave despite taking the team to the "promised land" [aka playoffs or even better, the Superbowl].

But Ramsey stands a good chance of walking because:

1] Gibbs brought in Brunell and signed him to a $43M contract.

Result: Ramsey was upset and wanted to be traded.

2] Ramsey and Brunell battled it out in last year's training camp. Brunell got the nod and Ramsey lost his starting job.

Possible Result: Ramsey had ill feelings about no longer being the starting QB

3] Gibbs continues to state in the media that Brunell has a bright future here with the Redskins.

Possible Result: Ramsey doesn't like hearing that kind of talk and has to look over his shoulder and possibly being benched and a back-up again. Not inspiring at all. Add to that some fans [including myself] are going crazy about the possibility of Brunell starting again with those quotes by Gibbs.

4] Gibbs drafts Auburn QB Jason Campbell. This is the 2nd QB drafted by the 'Skins in so many years and doesn't look totally bright for Ramsey.

Possble Result: Despite what Ramsey said publicly in the press, Ramsey is burnt up inside that he not only has to look over his shoulder becuase of Brunell but another rookie QB comes in who's three years younger than he and could be the QB of the future.

So, now, with all these things happening, it is quite conceivable that Ramsey may see all this as a lose, lose situation and may just walk.

So the INSURANCE POLICY for Gibbs like Dan Daly wrote was for Gibbs to draft a QB in case Ramsey walks. Of course, point #4 above is predicated on the after the fact drafting of Jason Campbell, but yet still one more thing for Ramsey to grind an axe over. Somehow, it seems subtlely apparant that Gibbs is not sold on Ramsey for some possibe intangible(s) that we don't know about.

So I guess I'm looking more at the psychology or method of madness behind Gibbs' 1st round, 25th pick and overall mission to right the team in a positive winning direction as opposed to whether we had a good or bad draft based upon who we drafted.

Just wanted to start that discussion is all.

And by the way, I was telling my friend Dwayne that it is more than likely that Tim Hasslebeck won't be with the 'Skins after June 1st because rarley do teams carry 4 quarterbacks on a 53-man roster. I believe we can get a 2nd rounder for our 2006 draft for him through some trade. There has been some interest in him and I'm really, really surprised that no one signed him during that qualifying offer period before we signed him back on April 15th of this year. Getting this 2nd rounder would make up for the 4th rounder we traded to the Broncos to get Campbell.

And truth be told... I'd rather keep Hasslebeck as our backup and Campbell remain the 3rd stringer and let Brunell go. Plus the fact that after this season, Brunell is due to make $4M [!!!!!] in base salary next year according to the numbers on ExtremeSkins.com in the roster section of this website. Yet, another headache.


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Doesn't blow my mind one bit

Gibbs has shown PR 0 loyalty of his own and has done nothing but crap on him since he's arrived. So when PR has a few great seasons, I expect him to want to leave the team that treated him like crap early on.

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