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Pick 154 - Robert McCune ILB Louisville


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Robert McCune LB Louisville


Robert has very good speed and burst to the ball. He takes good angles and is an excellent form tackler. He has quick feet and can run and flip his hips quickly to cover tight ends and drop for zone coverage in the passing game. Robert is a leader and has excellent football instincts. He makes the players around him better and he is very strong and can play any one of the LB positions.

Needs to Improve

Robert’s college needs to get his name out there for the NFL to notice him. At this point, he is a very underrated LB.

Bottom Line

Remember this kid’s name. He is going to be a core player for the team that drafts him and a fan favorite. When I was looking at the film of this team, he just jumps out at you because he understands his position so well. He understands how to tackle and hits like a bird hits a windowpane in full flight. Robert can play any one of the LB positions, but being the MLB of a team is home for him because of his leadership skills. In my opinion, he is one of the best linebackers in this draft and may be the best MLB. Robert has speed, burst, flexibility, brains and instincts. He is a leader and understands his responsibilities and the other players’ assignments. Robert is on a level of athletic ability that is far above his peers. He will play for the team that drafts him right away. I call him Robert ‘Doom’ McCune because when he gets you in his sights, you are doomed.

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