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Rest up Mr Portis, you are going to be tired....


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Originally posted by cscmtp

My point was, those WRs haven't proven anything in OUR offense. What Moss did in NY doesn't matter here. Same with Patten. Am i hoping they both play as well, or better here? OF COURSE. But i'm nervous because our projected starters have never taken a snap as Redskins. So i was hoping we'd draft a WR to give us that many more options. Hoping at least 1 or 2 out of a group of 5 would produce. Maybe they will. Time will tell. But this doesn't change one thing. Gibbs said he wants to win now. He said Patrick is the guy, the team leader. If that is true, then why use a 1st round pick that cost so much on a guy that won't be seeing the field this year? That doesn't help us win now (it could down the road, but not NOW)

If a reciever is a solid rout runner, and has a good work ethic, he can do just fine in almost any system if asked to play to his strenth. That's what Gibbs is trying to do. He knows what he has, and what there good at. The other teams always home in on your top reciever. If you don't have a clear cut # 1, but a solid group, it makes it harder to set the D to stop you.

Being nervous is part of being a devoted fan, and the off season. Portis will get his yards no doubt. He understands the system better, and the coaches understand him better. The line, barring injury, should excel this year.

Taylor Jacobs is the wild card IMO. He has all the tools, but hasn't been given a chance to hone them in real action for any prolonged period of time. A few years back, I said the same thing about Thrash, and once he got some consistant playing time, he became a solid contribuitor. That's why he's back with the team.

Over the years, we've seen more high pics turn out to be just another guy out there. You just never know.


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