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Would u rather have M. Williams/F. Washington or Pacman/M. Jones??

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Personally, I don't think we could hope for anything better than Williams/Washington. A close second would be to trade down a few slots from the #9, pick up a second or third, and take Rogers or Merriman or Demarcus Ware. And then take Matt Jones at #25.

I would be incredibly happy if either of those scenarios come to fruition. What would you be happiest with?

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Originally posted by atloldskin

If no trades occur, I look for Rogers and Heath Miller with the two picks.

heath miller is a luxury pick, not an area of need. imo, that would be retarded, especially w/ the health concerns.

there are too many scenarios for me to predict.....if m. williams is there at 9, we take him, if not, we take pacman if he is there. if we take rodgers, we'll trade down a few spots and pick up a 2nd or 3rd.

the one scenario that would pizz me off is a trade up.

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