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Shawn Merriman CSN Interview


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Great interview IMO....

some quotes...

"Yea i've talked to LaVar, he's happy for me and he just hopes i don't go to the Cowboys."

"I can't just sit here and talk about what i want to become, i have to go out and do it, work hard, be the best i can be."

"I've changed my eating habits and i'm lifting more....i want to be in this league for a long time."

On playing with the Redskins.

"Yea, it would be nice playing in my hometown, but i will be happy with whoever drafts me. The team that drafts me will be heavily rewarded...i promise you that!


I'd be happy with a draft like this...

9th: Merriman

25th: Fabian Washington/Justin Miller

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You know, my gut has been telling for a little while now that Merriman is our guy at 9.

I think we have a real need to up our ability to put pressure on the QB without having to bring the house.

We'll have to wait and see.

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Merriman @ 9!

I hope the corner talk is a smokescreen. He's the premier DE in the draft. It would be a heluva pick up for us.

The reason I think he may be our man is because we are barely mentioning him. If Dallas is interested in him as well, and they have two first-round picks as well, they may try to swoop in and steal him!

Best to just keep quiet and let this thing play out. Merriman should be ours!


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