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Williams will NOT be available at #9


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Originally posted by sKiNs5203 I would. It's not possible.

As the 'Skins say, anything is possible. :D

There is no way you can make blanket statements about the draft right now.

You can say it isn't likely that Williams will be there, but there is no sure thing that the teams ahead of us will pick him either. They all have multiple holes, and most of the available players are possibilities for most of these teams.


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To say there's absolutely no chance Williams will be available at #9 is just plain stupid. I can think of several scenarios in which he would be there. Having said that, I doubt it's much higher than a 25% chance that he will be.

BTW, there's no way TB would move from 5 to 9 just to get Rod Garnder. That I can say with certainty.

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Originally posted by spjunkies

We won't be picking at 9 anyway.

Look for us to trade Rod & 9 to Tampa for the 5th pick.

While I find this highly unlikely, I would love this deal. That would put us ahead of the viqueens, and we could take Williams, and still trade the 25 to Buffalo for Clements. :cheers:

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do somethin

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I have actually seen several very possible scenarios for Williams to be available at #9. I think it mostly depends on whether Cleveland decides to go with a defensive stud at #3 and how many RB's go before #9. I have some mock's that make a good case for the Bucs, Viks and Bears all taking a RB with their picks. If the Titans go defense with theirs as most seem to think likely then Williams available at #9 is not so much of a stretch.

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I am of the mindset that there is a distinct possibility that Williams will be available to acquire via the #9 selection.

Whether or not he is actually selected at that juncture in the draft by the skins, is the question.

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A lot of trades could be occuring due to teams not wanting to pay top $ for a person they do not value at #5 or so. I could see TB and Chi both looking to move down to get the back they want. Now saying, 50-50 would get us to move up is indeed a little on the I wish side, but one never knows. A lot of what is going on is not public knowledge, so it is just speculating, which keeps this board going.

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I give it a 5% chance, especially SF takes Rodgers.

But it could work out like this:

SF - Rodgers

TB (from trade) - Smith

Cl. - D. Johnson (to start the new D)

Ch. - Benson (apparently they like this guy)

Mi (from trade) - R. Brown

Tn - Rolle (most iffy spot with Chow over there)

Mn - Edwards (If they pick up the first receiver in the draft be it Edwards or Williams that would leave the other for us, since you know that Arizona is beyond set for WRs.)

Az - C. Williams (If they dont trade for T. Henry, which seems less likely now)

WASH - M. Williams.

I am not saying that this will definitely happen, but there is a chance of it happening, but it is all contingent if SF takes Rodgers and not Smith.

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Originally posted by sKiNs5203

Thank You.

For all people that are saying "well if Williams is gone then I would draft Joe Blow"

Let me save you some time here, you don't have to type that out..Because he WILL be gone. so stop wasting your time typing.


Thank you, move along.. nothing to see here.


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