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Holy Bond fire!


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That is just beyond stupid. How drunk do you have to be? A cup of vaporized gasoline can sink a battle ship!!!! I watched my father in law light a burn pile using gasoline. He only used a little bit, but the force of the explosion was hard to believe. Nothing on the scale of what those idiots did. I'd like to see what the dufus who lit it looked like. Probably looked like a porcupine with all the wood chards sticking in his back. OOUUCH!!!

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Originally posted by Thiebear

There HAD to be something IN the middle of that.. gasoline cant do that unless its stored as its outside and the ground soaks a ton of it up when its put down with a bucket...

See my summertime grilling...

:laugh: Nothing like a little 89 Octane aftertaste for those T-bones.

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