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(merged) ATH: 3/4 Buy Redskins' Trade

Fifty Gut

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Question "buy or Sell" Skins trade 4 days early working out at #25

Surprise 3 out of 4 said Yes :thud:

Jay Marisnotty sold (:jerk: surprise)

Tim C, said the Skins are trying to stay up the the Boyz who also have 2 first rounders... and have a sense of urgency to improve NOW

Mike Smith, Felt it was a good move to get Campbell

Bill Plaske: Thinks Campbell is a smoke screen... will look for a top DE at that pick... felt it will work out.

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Buy or Sell, was it a good move by the Skins to give up all those picks for Denvers 25 spot for Jason Campbell.

Mariotti: Sold, gave away their hand.

Smith: Buy, wonders why they haven't given Ramsey a fair shake. Good spot to be for Campbell and for another player I forgot the name of.

Plaschke: Buy, cause it is all so stupid that he has to buy it and he doesn't believe they are going for QB and that everyone lies during the draft.

I muted the TV for the Dallas dude because he is a Mavericks supporter and I will not listen to Dallas people utter anything when they play the Rockets in the Playoffs.

Good day.

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