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Originally posted by CandaceM23

You're hilarious ....

I'm so excited. I'm a bit nervous about flying - but I can't wait to have a drink ... or two ... or three ... or four ....

It's so much more fun to fly when you're drunk (What isn't?). When we flew to Vegas a few weeks ago, we had a few drinks in the airport, then a few on the plane. They're expensive on the plane though, usually $5 for a little shot bottle.

What airlines are you flying?

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Originally posted by CandaceM23

I think that flying drunk would be a disaster for me. I tend to get a little light headed and funny in the tummy when I fly.

And of course ... I'm taking the cheapest way out there ... Southwest Airlines. :(

Nothing wrong with taking the cheapest way. Just means more $$$ for Vegas.

And maybe you don't wanna get drunk, but have a few drinks, sit back, and enjoy the ride. I usually fly the redeye when I go across country so it's easier to sleep.

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