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frankly, i don't give a darn about

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NEXT year's draft picks. this trade has made draft day MUCH more exciting. the concern i have is only one: the skins had better get two starters (or future starters) out of this deal (and i mean starting for us). if they use both No. 1's they had better get 2 all-pro or near all pro caliber players. that is where the pressure is. we have sucked for a while now, i want to field a winning team THIS year! once again we hear about this not being a deep draft...once again that is somewhat misleading. there will be a fair share of studs from all rounds of this draft just like any other and finding them is the hard part.

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Originally posted by red zone

What if they package up the two picks to move up to get Braylon Edwards?

It would be the dumbest move ever?

3 Number one picks plus other round picks for 1 player... That would be the stupidest(Not a real word) thing ever to come out of Washington since Steve Spurrier left.

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