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Whatever happened to :


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Last year he and his brother Pat were so gracious in coming here for a Q&A session and I was looking forward to something like that this offseason.

Have we done something to tick the Ramsey's off?? Just curious.....

BTW, I posted this comment in another thread which was subsequently closed. Thought I'd ask it here in a thread of it's own.

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I'm sure if he wants to post, he will. Using the "Search" feature will tell you when he last posted here, which was back in March of this year in Tailgate. So, I'm sure bayou is still lurking about. You may get a better response as a PM, since I would think very few people aside from bayou know what bayou is doing.

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Guys, due respect, but ... let's leave the man alone. He knows we're here, and reads the board regularly. He'll post when it suits, you know?

If the idea is to keep a relationship healthy, best not to crowd it. :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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