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status of your Redskins' Mug


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I actually have a Redskins mug, with a reprinting of the WP article from the 1st Super Bowl win on it.

And it is currently full of a Sumatra Chococcino, just at the moment I saw this thread. This is called a good omen.

So that means we win another Super Bowl this year.

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Originally posted by Burgold

wouldn't the eternal optimist be a super bowl victor after going 16-0 and shutting out both the Cowboys and Eagles something like 42-0 all four times?

42-0 Geezez! Why all the gloom and doom? :D

One for the Pinky!!:koolaid:

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1/2 full on account that I am happy about the moves we have made this offseason, including not overpaying for Smoot or Pierce. But mainly because of Rabach's signing and Jansen's health.

It's just that damn passing offense and Ramsey's maturation process that's keeping my mug from running over.

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Half empty......I know...I know....

You find my lack of faith disturbing.....

Look at my name - I'm a pessimist.

Maybe I'm so used to big name signings and a bunch of good news in the offseason........I really could use a bone thrown to me. Dallas and a few others have made some real strides.....

The intangibles better be there that Joe fan can't see.....or this is going to be a very very very long season. Right now I'm looking more forward to tailgating than the games. Hope that changes.

It is like last year - we were pretty sad - so to make up for it....I cooked crazy themed things for tailgating. Hopefully, we'll be so good this year...I can cook things that are quite pedestrian....like hotdogs and hamburgers b/c we'll be so excited about the game.

Examples from a 6 and 10 season:

Greenbay - Cheeseheads






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