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Happy anniversary to me


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Originally posted by Henry

..... it's truly been an honor and a priviledge to work with the best fans on the best football board on the planet.

........So thanks to you all for making this place so much fun to work for, and I'm looking forward to many more years of it.

So, what are trying to say Henry, that you "enjoyed" banning me those times?

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Sung to the tune of 'Real Men of Genuis'!

'Real Men of Genuiiiiiiisssss......

Mister internet messageboard moderayyyyayytorrrrr....

You walk the path of the gunslinger armed only with

an optical mouse and an attitude. Striding down the lonely road of justice, where every encounter can end in a ban, or an embrace -its all up to you. Hated, feared, loved, worshiped, - whats the diff? Its all about the badge of honor baby.

Someone's talking about their genitals. Someone's posting nipple shots (yeah - the WRONG kind!).

Go get 'em Tiger.

I salute you Mister internet messageboard moderayyyyyayyytor...'

Congrats friend! :cheers:

You are a class act all the way.

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:laugh: :laugh:

Ah yes. 1 year ago. That seemingly calm day on Extremem when suddenly Die Hard jumped on the announcement table, ( It's tradition ya know), and made an announcement heard 'round the bandwidth, ( or at least in the bar. He said Beer tap's broke and that is always an attention getter). Place hasn't been the same since. ;)


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