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Way OT.....Jean Stapleton


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I know this is waaaaayyy off topic but I would really like to find a way of knowing one way or another

I was having a discussion about Jean Stapleton tonight. She used to run a playhouse(Totem Pole) near my home. We were wondering if she was still alive. I thought I remembered like 10 years ago she passed on but I can not find any conformation either way. If anyone can help I would be thankful for any info.

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Yeah, that's way OT all right! Hopefully, we'll refrain from posting a picture gallery. ;)

I can't say that I'm familiar with her outside of All in the Family, but she subtly carried that show the way Audrey Meadows carried The Honeymooners. And that takes doing opposite Carroll O'Connor's Archie Bunker!

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