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The Nunyo Files -- Factual errors and other mistakes from Nunyo.


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Nunyo Files updated with additional confirmed and suspected errors in Nunyo's most recent efforts.

Areas left alone were Nunyo's "about 5 percent" line regarding the rise of the rookie pool when he could have written the actual percentage of 4.5 percent and saved space, but, for some reason decided that was too hard and went with "about".

I also won't take him to task directly regarding his slotting numbers. First, the team isn't bound by the "slot" Nunyo predicts will exist. Second, Nunyo is aware of the Rule of 51, so he should not suggest the contracts signed by the rookies will count whatever the full value is against the cap due to the bouncing of someone else from cap accounting.

We're making progress though with Nunyo as he's actually trying to flash his knowledge. Unfortunately, he's still spelling it with a capital N instead of k :).

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...funny how Art's last post here was 3 months BEFORE we merged with Redskins.com... some conspiracy huh :rolleyes:

Amazing, isn't it, DJ?

You'd think someone would have noticed that I stopped tracking this in MAY. Wonder why they couldn't?

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You're relentless Art, keep it up. Isn't Lacanfora doing a great job of late? His turnover article this am was fantastic. The Arrington article this weekend was awesome as well.

I think Jason is showing strong fundamentals to be a solid beat reporter. He bothers to have actual quotations in his stuff and explains why some sources may not be identified. His two biggest gaffes were allowing himself to write an opinion piece on the team earlier in the year and staking out Ramsey's house during the QB change.

But, in general, I think Jason is going to do very well -- far better than Nunyo.

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