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OT: The real reason Muslims hate the Jewish people


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I understood your point about not all Moslems being Arabs what I was trying to point out is how they see themselves.

Interesting about Lunar months. According to the information I collected (albiet not primary sources), the calender is in twelves but grouped by earths rotation.

Yes, they see Christ as a prophet of Allah but Christians refuse to submit to his will and are pagans because they are not seen as monotheist (one of the earliest methods used to convert Christians revolved around this issue).

What the insult is not the existence of the BC/AD dating system and the rest of the western calender or that they do not have a calendar of their own, but the fact that the western/pagan one is the dominant system.

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That makes a little more sense, but not entirely. Turks tend to be fiercely Turkish, moslem or otherwise.

I've know two Iranians fairly well in my lieftime, both were moslem, and both took great pains to tell me that they were Persian and not Arab.

But there could be some kind of 'Ich bin ein Berliner' thing going on that explains the statement.

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Originally posted by Terry

In 1100 when most of these places didn't exist as named, it was probably correct that arab = moslem, although even then it wasn't completely true because Persians are not arabs.

But it's a ridiculous statement at the beginning of the 21st century.

Hey Terry even by 1100 not all Moslems were Arabs. During the 11th Century the Seljuk Turks took over most of Persia and what is now Turkey and began to control the Baghdad Caliphate. They were not Arabs but came from Central Asia, roughly same place as the Huns and Mongols came from. They converted to Moslems though. The Moslems were actually very successful at converting neighbouring areas, more so then Christians at the time.

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