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Retaining special teams coach Mike Stock

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There's an article on special-teams player Kato Serwanga running now on redskins.com. Serwanga is noteworthy for being one of the only Redskin free agents who was re-signed in the offseason, and he'd only been with the team for half a season.

Here's the article: http://www.redskins.com/story.asp?ContentID=10964

This focus on special teams reminds me that special teams coach Mike Stock was one of the only coaches from Marty's staff who was retained by the team. This strikes me as a particularly savvy move by Snyder.

We may not have had the NFL's best special teams last year, but we were competent -- a nice change from the blundering 2000 unit. As I recall, the main weakness last year was that our returners didn't have a good year, so they were wisely released.

When college coach Spurrier arrived, he clearly vocalized his desire to focus just on the offense, and primarily on the QB and WRs. As a a first-time NFL coach, he didn't have an NFL-experienced staff to take with him.

If Snyder had not been retained, I could easily see a case where special teams didn't get much focus, what with Spurrier's new O and Lewis's new D to learn.

This seems to have been a Snyder call, and it's a savvy one. It's the kind of decision where we'll never know what might have happened otherwise. But in some alternate universe, maybe we would have lost two games this year because one team ran back a punt for a TD at the wrong time against us, and another team blocked one of our punts for a TD. Or maybe we have what should be a game-winning field goal blocked.

From a personnel standpoint, probably Serwanga isn't a Redskin at the moment were it not for Stock remaining with the team.

Hat's off to Snyder.

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