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OT: Who Wins Game 3, Lakers or Kings?


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I am going to be travelling outside the US for the next couple of weeks, but am interested to know what the consensus is about Game 3 and the rest of this series...............

Most people so far from what I am reading think the Lakers will probably win but it will be a close series..............

I think Game 3 is criticial. If the Lakers come out and beat the Kings, then the series will go their way.

If the Kings steal Game 3 and the Lakers have to fight to stay in the series with the second game at Staples, then this is going 7 games and the Kings with Game 7 at home have the advantage.

Overall...............Lakers 4, Kings 2.....................that's my guess :)

I don't think youthful Boston or the Nets will stay with the Lakers in the Finals.............. :D

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ratings? I'm talking about winning :laugh:

the ratings have been down the past few years since Jordan took off his Superman cape with Chicago, but as a Lakers fan I don't really care if only one fan watches a Finals win, as long as it is me. :)

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I'm REALLY really REALLY hoping it's the Kings in the end...but...the Lakers are just too good- unfortunately.

Game 3 will probably go to the Lakers. Game 4 though, I hope will go to Sacramento.

And no, neither the Nets nor the Celtics can handle LA...

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Sacramento in an upset. The fact that the Kings team is designed specifically to stay with the Lakers and the toughness of the team. The Kings are much better than the Philadelphia and Indiana teams that the Lakers faced in the finals. However Indiana with less talent and an aging Mark Jackson took the Lakers to the brink of defeat. Sure it was their first go around, but that team is still pretty much intact from then, but so is Sacramento's. I think the Kings bench in the end will deliver some astonishing feats in the next 3 out of 4 games. The Lakers counterpunch will be countered.

Sacramento has faced the Lakers all season, so there are no secrets and that win should help them stay focused and give them the confidence and attiitude to stay with them down the stretch. Playing in the Staples Center should have no impact whatsoever and after having survived the "Dallas Cowbell Fiasco"

Sacramento is ready for anything from the stands :laugh:

As I had mentioned before, the winner of this series will be the NBA Finals Champion. The Nets have the forwards and a guard that won't quit, but that is where it ends. Both the Lakers and the Kings are too deep and present serious matchup problems

for both Boston and NJ.

Kings 4 Lakers 3

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I will make a bold prediction here, the first team to win 4 games will make it to the finals! Seriously though, I simply don't see how the Kings could possibly win a game in LA.

That home loss basically sealed the Kings fate. LA in 6.

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I know, I know, :laugh: That is so funny Bufford!

Coincidently, it's usually information from the "lockerroom" while drinking Sprite and eating less, threatening food, like fattening Stub sandwiches out of Texas.

This information is "publicly" stated, via a conference, so treat it as rumors and expect Kobe Bryant to want the ball all night long.

The Kings are.

I do, in all seriousness have a warning for Chris Webber, be explosive within your game, but don't get in the showboat coontest with Bryant as Jalen Rose made that mistake in 2000 and it backfired. Why?

It takes up too much time, the Lakers immediately push the ball fast as hell up the court by Fischer or Fox and score a 3 or shot and foul, then steal tbe ball off your total confusion - result, you score 2 they score 6! The way to beat the Lakers is methodically play your game and take away the passing lanes by Bryant, Fisher and Fox. Divac shouldn't get physical with Shaq, but instead force him to shoot off balance. Rik Smits did this effectively against Shaq, but Smit was ailing from injuries. Dale Davis did this for a while, but really tore into Kobe, Horry and Fox.

The matchup problem comes from sacrificing a body on Shaq, then trying to stop Shaq's kick out pass to the open man (Fox or Horry or Fisher). Kobe roams and is the immediate outlet for fast breaks - ala Jordan -, or the Lakers, if slowed will immediatel go into a "modified" version of the Triangel offense, with the three main scorers in position - Bryant, O'Neil, Horry - with Fox the setup man and the optional outlet back to Fisher, who starts the Triangle.

Forcing Shaq to score more outside is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but you must try at least and not use a double down, because the outlet for a 3 is very great with Horry just grazing in the grass.

" The sun beaming down between the leaves,

and birds darting in out of the trees"

Friends of Distinction - "Grazing in the Grass"

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Now while I'm predicting the Lakers should win, lets not get ridiculous and say this team is one of the alltime greats, because its not.

It took alot of cooperation from San Antonio for the Lakers to make it this far so while they should make it to the finals its because of diluted league.

Kobe isnt Jordnesque because Jordan wouldnt be so public about it because it would sound like an excuse just in case something went wrong.

And this stupid comarison of Kobe and Jodan at 23 is silly as well since Jordan didnt have 5 years in the league at 23, a dominating center an diluted talent pool.

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Who's better is a question that will never be answerend and only leads to speculation. But the same can be said about Jordan. When he came into his prime and won his championships he took over an era that was dominated by Bird and Magic. Both players were on there way out, and Jordan took over and dominated against weaker opponents.

Should Kobe apologize for having a dominant big man down low? No. Just like Magic shouldn't apologize for playing with Kareem or Bird for playing with Parrish and McHale. People seem to forget that Jordan had a pretty damn good supporting cast also. Do the names Cartwright, Hodges, Rodman, Pippen, Grant,or Kerr ring a bell?

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Well they pulled it out. I don't think it will be the same Sunday for the Kings, but one thing is for sure, it will be yet another battle in this "NBA Finals"!

See we are actually watching the NBA Finals, not the Western Conference Championships.

Sacramento is my pick, but I do realize they have some adjustments to make still. The good thing is they are having fun and keeping their motor running. As long as they keep looking for the open man and don't double Shaq too often, they will continue to be able to control the tempo.

the Lakers as a team showed much guts in the 4th QTR, but you should expect that from the two time defending champions and nothing less.

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Yeah Indy, as much as I'd like to, you can't take anything away from the Kings.There playing at the top of their game, and creating problems for the Lakers. Sunday should be good and if the Lakers are to win, Phil needs to find the right combination of players to have on the floor at the same time. They're really struggling to get in rythim.

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Wow! Game 3 was a spanking ... and on the Lakers' own floor no less.

Makes Game 4 pretty much a must-win situaiton for the Lakers. They don't look like they'll be reeling off three wins in a row right now ... especially against the Kings.

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I hereby predict that the Kings will win game 3.... oh wait, they already did!

I didn't get around to posting in this thread, but I'm sure you guys would have known what to expect from me.

The guard play. Kings win hands down so far. The Lakers, obviously, have had significantly hampered guard play in the last two games due to Kobe feeling under the weather. Fisher simply can't keep Bibby or Jackson from penetrating.

In the frontcourt, Shaq, while a dominant player, can only dominate in stretches, and Vlade has been somewhat successful in annoying the hell out of him. Pollard has been outright steamrolled when he's in the game, so its a good thing whiney Vlade is around.

C. Webb is holding it down with a beautiful all around game, and in the last game was more active on the offensive glass.

As an aside, I always think Game 3 is the most important game of the series. In fact, I'm going to start a poll about that, right now.

BTW, those Lakers perimeter bench players are super chumpy. They need to do something about that in the offseason. Now that I think about it, Tyronne Lue would have helped a ton against players like Bibby and Jackson. I guess they shoulda stepped up and paid the man.

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