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I keep seeing the references to FA players that are signed by other teams and hear the groans. I hear the groans about how we need to get this player or fill that position....

Then I read all the ****ing about we need to keep this player and we need to make that player a lifetime Skin and how we need to have homegrown players...

We cannot have it both ways!


Assuming Moore (solid C or G signed through 2005) is playing C we have Rod Jones at RG (solid 7 yr vet signed through 2004) and we have a strong pair of T's( we all know about them ) that means we have one spot in question on or O-line heading into camp.

We should NOT pursue any FA to fill this position we have:

David Loverne 4yr vet 6'3" 299 signed through 2003

David Brandt 2yr vet 6'4" 309 signed through 2002

Alex Sulfsted 2yr vet 6'3" 312 signed through 2002

Ross Tucker 2yr vet 6'4" 305 signed through 2002

Reggie Coleman R 6'5" 315 unsigned

Terrance Simmons 2yr vet 6'8" 310 signed through 2004

Akil Smith R 6'4" 290

Leon Hires R 6'4" 285

Wayne Smith R 6'2" 304

Melvin Paige R 6'5" 313

Man if we cannot find our guy in that crop then we really need to evaluate our scouts and/or coaches I really like Brandt but I think he may be the #1 sub for both RG and C and the battle will be between Sulsted and Louverne for LG. One should do admirably the other a quality reserve. Coleman and Paige both certainly have potential as well.


We have 5 guys with NFL experience: Gardner, Green, Lockett, Anthony, and Doering. I think think three of those will make our roster; Gardner Green and Lockett.

I am not sure any of these guys are true #1 receivers in this league but 1. No true #1 will be available and even if so it would be cost prohibitive.( Sorry PC I think we should stay away from Willie) 2. I think that in analyzing the F&G, talent by waves of receivers is prefered.

I think we will keep six recievers and that three will come from the experienced group: Gardner (signed through 2005), Green (signed through 2004), and Lockett (signed through this yr)

For the final three they should come from this group:

Cliff Russell R 5'11" 185

Derrius Thompson 4yr vet 6'2" 216 signed through 2002

Darnerian McCants 2yr vet 6'3" 214 signed through 2003

Justin Skaggs 2yr vet 6'2" 200 signed through 2003

Emmett Johnson R 6'3" 206

Of that group I like Russel,McCants, and Emmit ( I had him pegged as one of our 7th rounders, He has a HUGE upside)


I feel the same; NO FA should be aquiredWe have young guns in the wings behind two established starters in the likes of :

Ifeanyi Ohalete 2yr vet 6'2" 217

Andre Lott R 5'10" 190

Kato Serwanga 4yr vet 6'0" 200

Ron Israel R 6'0" 212


Okay for the D-line lets start talking about what we should do hear. We need to find some players... I think Otis may prove something this yr and has Del matured and become strongenough to be a bowling ball in the middle? He is still light. D-line we need to find some answers I agree. The thing is we have and 18 yr vet and 11 yr vet and a 9 yr vet that are established and nothing at all established and with limited options behind them. What does this mean - I means that we should not be looking at stopgaps but at servicable players under 30 while we build through the draft.

Lets make some hard choices, Give some homegrown players thier chance and dedicate some resources to keeping the players we all want to see lifetime Skins!


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I think the open DT spot is more important than LG, because Brandt and Loverne, although they may not be superb, are capable of starting. Run D has always been a glaring weakness and Samuel Adams would go a long way to shoring that up.

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The $64 question is whether Adams, whom I think we will get, is going to turn into the next Stubblefield once he's got the $$$. Remember Stubby looked great lined up next to Bryant Young, but he looked sick w/o him. Adams is used to being lined up next to Siragusa. If BDW gets hurt again and can't dominate the way he did the last half of last season, will Sammy shore up the line, or will he become just another liability in our long line of overpriced DL acquisitions.

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Good "in your face summary" KirkNC,

I think that what Riggo-Toni has the key to the rest.

It's pretty much an agreed deal that the Skins will have to look on their very own roster for the reasons stated and the cap.

We can develop players, but all those vets have surely gained something by now, whether limited duty or not. How Spurrier's Offensive Line coach brings them up to speed is the question.

Playing at the level required for the proper execution of the Fun-N-Gun and being effective against some the best in the business opposite these players, we'll soon find out just HOW GOOD they are. What helps average players in his offense is the way they are used.

I see at least two teams following Spurrier's lead in that they release information to the media based on what Spurrier's already done. Now I ask you, if they KNOW MORE than him, why are they following his lead :D

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whether the front office and fans like it or not, we have to go with SOME younger players just because of the reality of the cap. :)

I happen to like seeing younger players learn and grow. Especially when the team overall is building and not yet of championship caliber.

If we are on the edge of winning a title I don't want to start a rookie receiver or offensive lineman, but coming off 8-8 what do we have to lose?

Let's work to improve the depth on this team so that when somebody leaves in free agency we aren't left with a big fat ZERO on the roster at that spot.

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Very nice post, KirkNC.....

I DO have one concern though......., I feel that our defense is going to be one; if not THE TOUGHEST defense in the league to move the ball on. That being said, it stands to reason that our O-line is going to be on the field for extended periods of time, which, in turn, means we're gonna need a little more depth with the stamina department...........

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Great points, KirkNC. The NFL these days is all about choices. You have to choose to have some low-round draft picks or undrafted free agents or NFL minimum vets at some positions, perhaps several. When you have to put a lesser player in a starting role, a good coach can figure out how to maximize his strengths and comensate for his weaknesses.

I think that the Skins have at least couple of good coaches.

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I'd too agree with the thread here.

Live with what we have on the O-line, Safety and at WR but I DO think we need to shore up the D-line. A strong D, and STs will help the O. SS won't feel as pressured so we can still run the ball, develop the passing game with patience and NOT take huge chances offensively.

But we have to solidify the D-line. I am NOT worried about safety, I never really understood where the big push to upgrade there was coming from considering how often we'll have 3 CBs on the field facing today's offenses. But it does ALL start up front. Along the line, we have a GLARING hole in the middle and if we cut Marco loose, we'll need another DE too.

After hearing all I have, Sam Adams might be a risk but if not him, WHO? Same with DE. If we loose Marco..........WHO?

Any ideas?

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Originally posted by fish

After hearing all I have, Sam Adams might be a risk but if not him, WHO? Same with DE. If we loose Marco..........WHO?

Any ideas?

I'd like get Adams, but you have to allocate limited resources. Even when Coleman is cut, you still have Wynn, Smith, and Big Daddy on the line. Two of them can play every down and Smith can be very valuable if used properly (and I trust that Marvin Lewis can figure out how to do that).

So, if you can't get Adams at a cap number that will be very, very friendly for the next three years, you go with Cowsette, Donovan Arp, or whoever will not screw up too badly at tackle and find someone to spell Smith.

If you're paying three Pro Bowl linebackers, you have to make sacrifices elsewhere.

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