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The LaVar Leap is BACK, and better than ever


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According to Spurrier, LaVar is going airborne once again....

"LaVar is flying around the corner. We can't block him. I think the other teams are going to have to worry about where he's coming from. Marvin has got him coming from all different places."

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I know it's early in his career, but Lavar has all the physical ability to have that type of career. Probably one of the fastest LineBackers to play the game. Fortunately he has a better head on his shoulders than LT.

How good can he be? I love watching him in the first Eagles game from last year. Chasing McNabb from accross the field forcing McNabb to run out of bounds losing yardage. Those little plays are big. Remeber when he tackled Pittman in the AZ game 1 yd from the goaline? The D held on the next couple of plays and AZ only got a FG. Changed the game. He may be, one of the best Redskin LBers in our history.

He's a different breed of LBer. Intensity like Ray Lewis, but only has the killer instinct on the Field. I would take Lavar over any LB in the league. Plus He hates the Cowboys. :)

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I wanna hear LaVar give that famous quote from Conan someday about what is good. I'm sure one of you guys here on the board can get it verbatim for me. The one about seeing your enemies crushed and hearing the lamentations of their women..

Seems so appropriate :cool: :D :cool:

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I will never like Ray Lewis, something about being involved in a murder and walking away clean doesn't make sense.

I guess so is the judicial system, a couple of kids with A.D.D who may have itentionally spit a wad at another class mate get charged with a felony...???

Yet Ray Lewis is the Super Bowl MVP.. I guess this rant should be in a different post.

Like we've mentioned before, Spurrier is seeing what his offense is going to be able to do in the NFL even before they get on the field due to the D we have. Imagine the chess match between our two "Ball Coaches."

Back to LaVar... What an awesome year he had. Coming back from an MCL sprain I believe, to lay the smack down on Emmit Smith, scare McNabb as no one has done before, and emerge as our enforcer on our D, ala Wilber Marshall. We haven't seen that kind of breed in over a decade. Even Ken Harvey and Marvcus Patto, who were solid, don't have the kind of potential Arrington does.

I will give the Cowboys credit though, in the second meeting with the 'Skins, they had somewhat neutralized Lavar's spying ability by releasing a Big Fat slob of a Lineman to block him every chance possible... Now let's see if that's possible with our "Reservoir Dogs" Mr. Trotter, Mr. Armstead, and Mr. Arrington.

Can't wait for last year's team yearbook to come out to watch all those highlights.

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