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Cowboys NFC East Preview: Redskins

Guest Goatroper

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seems like a fair enough characterization overall of the Redskins offseason.

the one point I might add being a Redskins fan is that some of the players that we let go or didn't attempt to resign seemed to some of us to have a much more limited upside than the national media believes to be the case.

Mortenson thought the loss of Alexander was a major one. To me I don't see tight end, unless you are talking about Kellen Winslow or Tony Gonzales, as being a make or break position on your team.

And certainly with the mediocre production we got from the position even when Alexander was healthy, I don't see that as a major loss.

Alexander's best season was what, 45 catches?

Geez, guys like Jerry Smith and Charlie Young were putting up 50 or 60 catches and more touchdowns back in a 14 game schedule in the 1960's and 1970's :laugh:

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I'd also say it's on the money.

I'd agree that we've strengthened our defense further and the success of this season will lie in Spurrier's offense. Not sure we can expect great things coming out of the gate, but who knows. With this defense, we should be competitive with just about anyone.

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