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WP: Panel Narrows Choices for 'Greatest' Redskins

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Panel Narrows Choices for 'Greatest' Redskins

By Mark Maske

Washington Post Staff Writer

Wednesday, May 1, 2002; Page D3

The panel appointed by Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder to select the 70 greatest players and coaches in franchise history has narrowed its choices to 102 finalists, the team announced yesterday.

Cornerback Darrell Green was the only current Redskin to make the list. Current players generally are not eligible for consideration, but Green qualified because he has spent more than 10 years with the team.

The only other active player on the list is Philadelphia Eagles running back and kick returner Brian Mitchell, who played for the Redskins from 1990 to '99.

Former coaches Ray Flaherty, George Allen and Joe Gibbs are finalists, too.

The team said it will post the list on its Web site today so fans may offer their input through June 1. The 12-member panel, appointed by Snyder and headed by former CNN anchorman Bernard Shaw, will select the group of 70 and unveil it at a news conference June 3 at FedEx Field.

The team plans to honor the 70 players and coaches at its Oct. 27 home game against the Indianapolis Colts, with weekend festivities that will include a charity gala on Oct. 25. The Redskins are selecting their all-time team in conjunction with the franchise's 70th anniversary. The club also plans to wear retro uniforms, including helmets with a spear-and-feathers logo, at home games next season.

Only players and head coaches who spent more than three seasons with the Redskins were eligible for consideration, the team said, and were judged solely upon their on-field performance.


70 Greatest Redskins Finalist List

Web Posted: Tuesday, April 30, 2002; 4:35 p.m.

A panel has narrowed the field to 102 finalists in its quest to select the 70 greatest Redskins of all time. Fans can vote from May 1 to June 1 on team’s Web site, and the results will count as a percentage of the panel’s final vote. The 70 greatest will be announced June 3 in commemoration of the franchise’s 70th NFL season this fall.


• Sammy Baugh*, QB, 1937-52 - Most touchdown passes in Redskins history with 187

• Sonny Jurgensen*, QB, 1964-74 - Highest QB rating in Redskins history with 85.0

• Billy Kilmer, QB, 1971-78 - Passed for over 20,000 yards in his career

• Eddie LeBaron, QB, 1952-53, 1955-59 - Three-time Pro Bowler, 1956, 57 and 59

• Joe Theismann, QB, 1974-85 - Redskins all-time passing leader

• Frank Filchock, QB, 1938-41, 1944-45 - Led the NFL in TD passes in 1939 and 1944

• Mark Rypien, QB, 1987-93 - MVP of Super Bowl XXVI

• Doug Williams, QB, 1986-89 - First African-American to lead a team to a championship

• Riley Smith, QB, 1936-38 - Played on 1937 Championship team

Running Backs

• Cliff Battles*, RB, 1932-37 - NFL's leading rusher in 1937

• Bill Dudley*, RB, 1950-51, 1953 - NFL MVP in 1946

• John Riggins*, RB, 1976-79, 1981-85 - Redskins all-time leader in rushing yards (7,472) and rushing TDs (79)

• Larry Brown, RB, 1969-76 - Second leading Redskins rusher of all time (5,875)

• Dick James, RB/CB, 1956-63 - Played offense and defense

• Terry Allen, RB, 1995-98 - Redskins fourth leading all-time rusher

• Don Bosseler, RB, 1957-64 - Led the team in rushing in 1959 and 1960

• Earnest Byner, RB, 1989-93 - Appeared in 1990 and 1991 Pro Bowls

• Andy Farkas, FB, 1938-44 - Led team in rushing and scoring in 1938, 39, 42, 43

• Rob Goode, RB, 1949-51, 1954-55 - Holds team record for most 100-yard games in a season (7)

• Jim Musick, FB, 1932-33, 1935-36 - Led the NFL in rushing in 1933

• Dick Poillon, RB, 1942, 1946-49 - Led team in scoring for three years; two-way player

• George Rogers, RB, 1985-87 - Led team in rushing three times

• Mike Thomas, RB, 1975-78 - Led team in rushing three times

• Dick Todd, RB, 1939-42, 1945-48 - Led team in rushing two seasons, receiving two seasons

• Joe Washington, RB, 1981-84 - Led Redskins in rushing in 1981

• Charlie Justice, RB, 1950, 1952-54 - Nicknamed "Choo-choo," retired as team's third-leading rusher

• Joe Scudero, HB, 1954-58 - 1955 Pro Bowler

Wide Receivers

• Bobby Mitchell*, FL, 1962-68 - Led NFL in receiving yards in 1962; holds team record for receiving yards in a season (1,436)

• Charley Taylor*, WR, 1964-77 - Second on Redskins' all-time receptions list (649)

• Art Monk, WR, 1980-93 - Redskins all-time receptions leader (888)

• Ricky Sanders, WR, 1986-93 - Fifth all-time for yards gained as a Redskins receiver (5,854)

• Gary Clark, WR, 1982-92 - Third all-time in Redskins receiving yards (8,742)

• Henry Ellard, WR, 1994-98 - Had three 1,000-yard seasons as a Redskin

• Roy Jefferson, WR, 1971-76 - Let team in receiving in 1971

• Hugh "Bones" Taylor, WR, 1947-54 - Led team in receptions every year between 1949 and 1954

• Bill Malinchak, WR, 1970-74, 1976 - Special teams standout; blocked punt to beat Cowboys in 1976

• Wayne Millner*, E, 1936-41, 1945 - First Redskin with 100-yard receiving game

• John Carson, E, 1954-59 - Led team in receiving three times

• Charley Malone, E, 1934-40, 1942 - Five-season starter

• Joe Tereshinski, E/LB, 1947-54 - Played in 86 games as Redskin

Tight Ends

• Don Warren, TE, 1979-92 - Played 14 years as Redskin, tied for third longest in team history

• Jerry Smith, TE, 1965-77 - Fourth all-time in Redskins receptions

Offensive Linemen

• Turk Edwards*, OT, 1932-40 - Names All-NFL in four of first six pro seasons

• Russ Grimm, OG, 1981-91 - Named to four consecutive Pro Bowls (1983-86)

• Len Hauss, C, 1964-77 - Started 192 consecutive games from 1964 to 1977

• Joe Jacoby, OT, 1981-93 - Named to four consecutive Pro Bowls (1983-1986)

• Vince Promuto, OG, 1960-70 - Played 130 games as Redskin

• Jeff Bostic, C, 1980-93 - Played all 14 years as Redskin

• Al DeMao, C, 1945-53 - Played in nine NFL seasons

• Terry Hermeling, OT, 1970-80 - Played 120 games as Redskin

• Jim Lachey, OT, 1988-95 - Three-time Pro Bowler, two with Redskins

• Paul "Big Daddy" Lipscomb, OT, 1950-54 - Selected to two Pro Bowls

• Raleigh McKenzie, OG, 1985-94 - Named to All-NFL team in 1991

• Ron Saul, OG, 1970-81 - Named to Pro Bowl in 1979

• Mark Schlereth, OB, 1989-95 - Played on 1991 Super Bowl team

• Ed Simmons, OT, 1987-97 - Played all but three downs in 1995

• Willie Wilkin, OT, 1938-43 - Only missed two games in six-year career

• Ray Schoenke, OG, 1966-75 - Played 10 years at guard/tackle

• Dick Stanfel, OG, 1956-58 - Earned Pro Bowl berth in three Redskins seasons

• George Starke, OT, 1973-84 - Original "Hog" played 65 straight games at tackle from 1974-78

Defensive Linemen

• Gene Brito, DE/TE, 1951-53, 1955-58 - Four consecutive Pro Bowls between 1955-58

• Dave Butz, DT, 1975-88 - Named Redskins Defensive Player of the Year in 1978 and 1981

• Dexter Manley, DE, 1981-89 - Redskins career sack leader (97.5)

• Charles Mann, DE, 1983-93 - Number two all-time in sacks (82)

• Diron Talbert, DT, 1971-80 - Played 186 games in 14 NFL seasons (10 with Redskins)

• Bill Brundige, DE, 1970-77 - Sixth all-time on Redskins sack list

• John Paluck, DE, 1956, 1959-65 - Played 105 games as Redskin

• Bob Toneff, DT, 1959-64 - All-Pro selection in 1959, 60, 61

• Verlon Biggs, DE, 1972-75 - Started at defensive end in team's 1972 Super Bowl run

• Darrell Grant, DT, 1981-90 - Twice recorded over 100 tackles

• Ron McDole, DE, 1971-78 - Played in every game from 1971-77; helped team to five playoff appearances


• Sam Huff*, LB, 1964-67, 1969 - Named to five Pro Bowls, one as Redskin

• Chris Hanburger, LB, 1965-78 - Went to nine Pro Bowls, a team record

• Monte Coleman, LB, 1979-94 - Second-longest tenure (16 years) in team history

• Ken Harvey, LB, 1994-98 - Named to four straight Pro Bowls (1994-1997)

• Wilber Marshall, LB, 1988-92 - Named to 1992 Pro Bowl team

• Harold McLinton, LB, 1969-78 - Played on 1972 NFC Championship team

• Neal Olkewicz, LB, 1979-89 - Redskins defensive MVP in 1988

• Rusty Tillman, LB, 1970-77 - Played seven different special teams positions

• Pete Wysocki, LB, 1975-80 - Played 88 games over six seasons

• Chuck Drazenovich, LB, 1950-59 - Made Pro Bowl every season from 1955-58

• Brad Dusek, LB, 1974-81 - Played every game from 1975-79

Defensive Backs

• Ken Houston*, S, 1973-80 - Was named to 12 straight Pro Bowls from 1968-79

• Paul Krause*, DB, 1964-67 - Had 28 interceptions in four Redskins seasons

• Pat Fischer, CB, 1968-77 - Played 213 games as an NFL defensive back, a record at the time he retired

• Brig Owens, DB, 1966-77 - Second all-time in Redskins interceptions (36)

• Darrell Green, DB, 1983-? - Team's all-time interceptions leader (54); longest career in team history

• Mike Bass, CB, 1969-75 - Had 30 interceptions in Redskins career, fourth all-time

• Rickie Harris, DB, 1965-70 - Led team in punt returns six times

• Joe Lavender, CB, 1976-82 - Pro Bowler in 1979 and 1980

• Mark Murphy, S, 1977-84 - Pro Bowler in 1982 and 1983

• Lemar Parrish, CB, 1978-81 - Led team with nine interceptions in 1979

Special Teams

• Mark Moseley, K, 1974-86 - Leading scorer in Redskins history (1,207 points)

• Mike Bragg, P, 1968-79 - Most punts in Redskins history (896)

• Chip Lohmiller, K, 1988-94 - Second all-time in points for the Redskins (787)

• Brian Mitchell, RB/KR, 1990-99 - Most combined yards in team history

• Mike Nelms, KR, 1980-84 - Three-time Pro Bowler (1980-1982)


• George Allen*, head coach, 1971-77 - Second all-time in team coaching victories (67)

• Ray Flaherty*, head coach, 1937-42 - Won the 1937 and 1942 NFC Championship

• Joe Gibbs*, head coach, 1981-92 - Won all three of the team's Super Bowls (1982, 87, 91)

* Pro Football Hall of Fame

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Speaking of Roy Jefferson, who remember his local TV show called It's Elementary back in the late 70s(or Early 80s)? I only remember it because my cousins were on there that show. He came to my Elementary school, but my mom wouldn't sign the form to let me be on the show :(

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Sigh. Definately some good memories brought to front by some of the names on this list. Examples. Madden at some of his best.

"That Russ Grimm is a football player. he could play in the 80's, 60's or 70's. He gets a cut and he just rubs some dirt on it." Or something like that.

Summerall; " You know John, Gary Clark may be a good player to start with on this years ALL Madden Team."

"Yea. Ya see that's what you do. You just take ol # 84 and go from there". :)

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How do we get Davis on that roster? He deserves an exception to policy. While I have fond memories of most of those RBs, how can we not have Davis on that list?

Grass Roots movement, Grass Roots Movement! Come on Boys, say it with me!

A great test for the clout of the board! I think we're up for it!

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A year ago the fans on a WTEM contest voted Darrell Green greatest Redskins with Sonny Jurgensen coming in second.

I don't think the truth falls all that far from the results of that poll :)

Let's face it. Players that were in the NFL prior to say the mid-50's were never seen by any of us on this board or most of the voters for that matter.

It is questionable if we will ever know what a Sammy Baugh or Cliff Battles really brought to the Skins in those championship runs of the 1930's and 1940's.

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Gene Brito made the Pro Bowl 4 consecutive years and played on some bad Redskin teams.

I hope you noticed the namesake played in 192 consecutive games. I don't think he ever weighed over 235 pounds. Also, I believe every offseason he would have knee surgery after knee surgery.

Dick James was a great return man. Wow--there are a lot of memories on that list.

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The Redskins have been blessed with some great players over the years. It is interesting to note that the majority of these come from the offensive side of the ball, including linemen.

Baugh, Jurgensen, Taylor, Monk, Mitchell, Clark, Riggins, Brown, Jacoby, Grimm, Hauss, Edwards, Battles, etc................

we had some fine defenders as well, don't get me wrong, but the skill players, especially the receivers is simply amazing.

we had TWO players that retired with the receptions record in their possession.

Taylor was a #1 pick in 1964 and Monk in 1980. Westbrook broke that string in 1995 of drafting HOF receivers in round 1. Hopefully Gardner's career will redeem us from the Westbrook years. :)

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I can't believe Deion Sanders didn't make the list! :laugh:

I thought that Cris Hanburger was in the Hall of Fame. I can't believe somebody that made the Pro Bowl 9 years is not a Hall of Famer. I also think Mosely should be in the Hall!

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This is a listing of nominees for "Greatest Redskins Ever", not "Greatest Redskin Disappointments Ever".

That is why guys like Westbrook, Shuler, Howard, Blubberfield and other equally forgettable characters are not there.


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Originally posted by RedskinFan4Life


This is a listing of nominees for "Greatest Redskins Ever", not "Greatest Redskin Disappointments Ever".

That is why guys like Westbrook, Shuler, Howard, Blubberfield and other equally forgettable characters are not there.



What a great idea...there should be a list of Greatest Redskins Disappointments Ever". In addition to the above, you can add Alvin Harper to the list. I think he had 2 catches the entire year he played for us....ugh!


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