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The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

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I have no idea how to use this new bloody board...

personally, I reverted to the old posting style. The new one fought with me when I tried to delete quotes within quotes or not embed youtube videos... at some point, making things simpler just makes them more difficult.
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My bull**** detector is spiking on the blubbering Redskins fan.  I call shenanigans.

Yeah, I'm with ya there. Either she really is that much of a dipstick to not only lose her mind over not getting an autograph (aren't you a grown person? An autograph from another grown person isn't worth all this), but then to post it for the world to see or she's an opposing team fan making fun of us. Either way, she looks like an idiot.

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Having broken more than a few boards in my life, that was genuinely horrible.  That guy put zero thought into who would be holding for him.  You can see that every time he made contact the holder would let the board get pushed back, effectively absorbing the kick with his arms.  The proper way to hold is to lock your arms out and turn your head so you won't get hit in the face by debris.  He definitely didn't need two holders for what he was doing, and he definitely should've spent some time training his holder on the proper way to hold.


BTW, breaking a board is incredibly easy.  I taught 6-year-olds testing for their first belts how to do it.  To put it in perspective, a typical piece of wood is ~1/200th the strength of human bone.

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