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The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

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Netflix April Fools...just took this pic.

I got a couple different ones today. One said something like 'Shows and Movies with Seriously Pissed off Wives' and it was Desperate Housewives, Mob Wives etc

A really funny one I had was 'Reality Shows Starring People who know Nothing about Reality' Kardashian shows, Jersey Shore and the like.

The final one was 'Movies that are in English but still require Subtitles' It was a bunch of British movies.

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Some new additions at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati.


Budweiser Bowtie Bar - Built over the visitor's bullpen in right field, the Budweiser Bowtie Bar will serve Anheuser-Busch draught and bottled beer on this popular gathering spot for fans holding any type of ticket while they watch the game. The bar features a 43-foot-wide Budweiser script sign. The three-tiered area also includes group seating for 54 to 90.

Cincinnati Bow Tie. Someone actually did that. Talk about self pwnage.

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Why do fat people do this...why do they order huge pizzas and do things like this

Why why why why why why why

I have no way of knowing, but based on the guy, the plates of different foods, his hand, and the statue in the back on the table, I'd bet this is a still from some sort of fetish video.

Why she does it... it's probably the only way she feels loved.


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