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9 million hits:

and now

Drunk "Bohemian Rhapsody" Guy Convicted, Wears Viking Horns to Court

The Alberta man who became a YouTube sensation for enthusiastically belting out “Bohemian Rhapsody” from the back seat of an RCMP cruiser has been convicted of impaired driving and refusing a breathalyser test.

Robert Wilkinson will have to pay a $1,400 fine and will be prohibited from driving for one year.

Video footage captured on the cruiser’s internal camera of Mr. Wilkinson’s passionate performance was later sent to the 29-year-old as evidence for his trial.

At the urging of friends, Mr. Wilkinson posted it to YouTube, where it went viral, amassing nearly nine million hits.

Mr. Wilkinson had no defence lawyer and represented himself at trial but failed to convince the court the arrest was a violation of his Charter rights.

He arrived at the court building wearing sunglasses, a Viking helmet complete with horns and a NASA T-shirt proclaiming: “I need my space.”


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How in the heck do you do that!!?!? I mean his forearms are like mine, it's like all he does is two exercises all day long.

There has to be some type of extra stuff, steroids or growth hormone or something. You could do bis and tris all day every day and your arms wouldn't look like that.

It looks terrible. Why would you want to look like that?

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