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The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)


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when i was a kid i asked my dad what the difference was between a rectal thermometer and a regular thermometer (i had no idea what rectal meant).

he answered "the flavor", and went about his business without cracking a smile....

I told that to my son's pediatrician and I have yet to see another doctor lose it as gloriously as he did in that exam room! :rotflmao:

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That bus driver is going to be fired for hitting a girl, even though she deserved it

"But you can never hit a girl! It's not what a man would do!" - political correctness

As the driver said, you wanna act like a man, I'll treat you like a man...or something to that extent

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I told that to my son's pediatrician and I have yet to see another doctor lose it as gloriously as he did in that exam room! :rotflmao:

yeah, it was hillarious ............................... in retropect ;)

in his defense he DID grab it out my hands when i started to open it up, and BEFORE i had a chance to sample its flavor!

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Usually I ignore such things as I about to unfold (in lengthy fashion--be warned :pfft:). But I thought that this case, as it represents both the culmination of a long line of dumbass events, and also is part of an apparently trending silly internet behavior, merits this detailed review. As others on staff agree, we have decided to put it here, and the first line of the next paragraph will explain why. If your time or interest is limited, just read the first few paragraphs and skip to the pics for the major entertainment. :)

We have some impressive self-ownage from yet another grandiose display of drama queen spazz-out by a well known poster, running to one of his innumerable interweb attention spas (facespace) and talking out his ass about yours truly (my sensitive nature is so abused) and "being banned" (wasn't so) and "militant lesbians" (whatttt? :ols:), with his Band of Banned (former ESers who actually were banned, and whom the entire staff is quite happy they’re elsewhere, luxuriating in contentment) lapping it all up, perhaps seeking a little self-image validation of their own. Heck, just e-mail your emo-ego card and I'll stamp it. :D

Since he feels (hard to use the word “thinks” here :evilg:) that I have “been quiet as a mouse” about his various “it’s all about me” matters (he barely reads coherent to me as I often have no idea what he‘s rattling about), I will say a lot to help him out. :halo:

First, and rather pertinently, the guy was not even banned. A minor detail. :ols: What did happen was after receiving a PM from someone quoting a post of his and asking me “is this trolling”, was that he was temporarily (for one day) placed on Read Only with another poster (unrelated) as I had to leave to take a road trip that day (which I posted about), until I returned and would be able to check out the reported posts in context (reading through the threads).

A person on Read Only can log on and access everything normal, they simply can't post, temporarily. And this dude has been put on every setting we have here over the years, including being banned by almost every mod, and even asking to be banned himself so he could "get his head together" more than once (until he feels he’s “ok” again he asks to come back) so there isn't any non-dumbass way he can't tell the difference. :rolleyes:

And none of any of this had anything to do with "militant lesbians" :doh: as he "suspected" :dunce:, and in response to which ludicrous thought, several fellow internet idiots also went along with "it must be so." :stop:

Lordy lordy. :)

The actual line being asked about, btw, was from another post other than his “militant lesbian” reference, and it was this: “And it gives the cranky atheists something to get worked up about, instead of needing that extra cup of coffee today” (and his new sig was included---btw, I did nothing to his sig, but he has changed it from one about “the replacement mods“). Now that seemed a bit “troll-lite” but not a big deal, yet given forum interactions lately in some of those threads I wanted to see the whole thing in context. Having done just that later, I would have ended up PM’ing a comment to him at most (if even that), had it not been for his further (and too typical) antics, occurring after WAY too long a list of much similar nonsense over the years.

So, on top of never having even been banned in the first place, his claimed reason that he was so brutally victimized (he is well-known for being a perpetual victim among other things) is only more noises in his own head (nothing new there). He should be embarrassed about that and wonder if maybe it says a lot about him. He does have the “nice guy” shtick on tap a lot, and I also think it might just be his best-developed survival mechanism. Without that, I suspect he‘d really be up **** creek in more ways than now.

Here’s what makes it even more special: this guy has sent me, very unsolicited, any number of lengthy and personal PMs over the years about various issues in life he’s going through. And though I usually make it a point to avoid such, I often did reply to him either trying to be genuinely helpful by treating it with a caring and serous in-depth approach, or sometimes, if it was about “ES life” as it often was with him, trying to be helpful by jabbing at him and telling him to not be so needy or such a drama queen etc and just not taking either himself or a website so life-altering seriously.

And he also has had many breaks (passes) from me and other staff, older and newer, over the years---including being brought back from a perma-ban in the Old Days. This was because he did make a number of fine and fun posts as a member, even as much as he made many that either violated a rule or made several mods wish he would just disappear or made any number of other members wince for a variety of reasons. People who really aren't unbalanced and do pay attention know that some "well-known" posters that did get the permanent boot, did so only after voluminous user notes and many chances/warnings. Yet all the rope and time and “beyond the call of duty” assistance seems pretty ignored (to say the least) when viewing this self-indulgent little ****fest.

Also quite noteworthy, is the matter that if he felt there was an issue (which would have lasted for all of one day), all he had to do is what anyone should do (and again, he‘s done it before in the past)---send a PM or send the staff an e-mail to ask “what‘s up” before tossing yourself off the cliff and talking a bunch of **** on the way down.

So to quote the once again departed’s own illustrious words in echo: “Fare thee well…get the **** over yourself dude…what a joke.” :jerk:

<In what is likely yet another act of unearned and probably unreciprocated grace, and with no instructed imperative from anyone to do so, I am going to remove the screen captures even after all the redaction and editing---I would love to see a fraction of the standards we hold things to being mirrored by others including some who have had certain opinions, and thank the many folks who gave support>

Edited by Jumbo
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