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The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

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A.Good job self-policing, mi amigos

B.PM me a link to that site, Ghost of S. :D

C. You guys are winners. See below :pfft:

<edit out rule11violation--after giving poster time to read other member's warnings and edit---one week bad---weird one>]

Winning More Than Cleavage!

Look at the left shoulder and bicep of the girl in front of Miss Cleavage.

Whoa! :ols:


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One's got an arrow... :)

My arrow no worky any more for some reason/fully aware of the function and rules.

Visual effect was required for comparison.

So, I'm assuming if you all don't see it somewhere else first and then repost it here it's not funny.:notworthy


Edited by MSB 21
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