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The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

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The one thing that pisses me off more than LeBron's decision is the people from Cleveland who ***** and moan about him leaving.

They have all the right to hate him for how he did it, but not because he left. I can't stand it.

I think a couple of the actors in the piece said something about the fact that it was the way he left. I think his "What Should I Do?" commercial was salt in Cleveland's wound. If Gilbert had left DC when his last contract was up, we'd be hating him. (Regardless of what we have been thru with him since.) Lebron's a tool. This guy just doesn't know when to turn off the ego.

Nike with Tiger and now LBJ. Stay classy, Swoosh.

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1) Probably not something you should post here...that's more than NSFW

2) Not actually funny or creative.

Well, the video of Lebron Announcing the Decision that he was gay, the same people who made that video I might add, was posted on this very site and got a lot of postive reaction so I felt it would be more than OK to post here and it is very funny. I guess I'll have to stick to Brian Regan clips to get a postive response from you guys. (Nothing against him at all, he is just great clean humor)

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<inappropriate content removed by ES Staff >

Same guys who made the Lebron Gay Decision, NSFW but I nearly p***** myself!

13. Please refrain from posting explicit material in posts.

This includes obscene or sexually explicit or implicit content in any media form, whether text, pictures, gifs, audio clips, videos, or links to same.

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