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The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

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lol I noticed that its the one next to him that creeps me out lol

yeah i'll admit that is what nightmares are made of (when I saw it).

i do enjoy how they are seem to be adding their own creep factor to it though. you got the one owl who keeps flappin' his gums, almost as if it's laughing. the other 2 are staring and rotating their heads around, and then of course is the last guy who is swallowing a giant rat that appears to be at least half his body. could you imagine the indigestion?

all in all, it goes to show that owls are pretty damn bizarre.

More evidence:


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that's not the caps. the picture name is Ruutu-Phaneuf. I'd say that's Jarkko Ruutu flipping Dion Phaneuf.

Oops. Upon closer inspection I see it's not. Thanks for the info though. Great tactic when facing a hockey bully. :)

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Actually it is an owned pic because the guy who made the owned pic using logic to make his point actually can't spell and which makes him kinda owned himself.

He also forget to close one of his sets of parentheses, but why split hairs? :silly:

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