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The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

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it's terrible... tough and leathery.

A cool thing to order when you're visiting florida and see it on the menu, but I don't know anyone who has ordered it more than once. Just saying you tasted it is enough.

(it's not bad, but I would never call it "really good")

Alligator cheesecake at Jacquimo's in New Orleans is the absolute best thing in the world. For starters, its an appetizer, not a dessert.

But, don't want to hijack the greatness of this thread, so I'll stop.

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it's terrible... tough and leathery.
Did a fan boat thing in Ft. Lauterdale and had a sample. Just a lil piece on a toothpick. I thought it tasted like chicken, only sweeter.

Yeah - I had the "gator nuggets," and they were tender and juicy. A little gamy or swampy, but very tasty. Maybe you had a different part of the gator zoon?

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